Estate Agents Tips: Real Estate Success Tips for New Agents: Getting Leads

Estate Agents Tip: Real Estate Success Tips for New Agents: Getting Leads

Thinking about buying leads and spending a lot of money on mailers and marketing when you’re new? You might want to reconsider how you spend your money!

Key Tip: Role playing scripts and objection handlers will help you in being able to convert any leads you might get!





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36 thoughts on “Estate Agents Tips: Real Estate Success Tips for New Agents: Getting Leads

  1. Loida, you and BC’s videos ALL are so motivating. You guys are so informed and confident in your work that it gives me motivation, someone who will be starting a real estate career within the next couple months. Thank you sooooo much

  2. every brokery is different i’ve heard that they get the leads for you, & you just have to have to finish the sale
    no point on getting stressed with leads ykur brokery already got your leads

  3. There are things like real estate scripts and practicing…. but understand that knowledge sells… if you know all hot and cold areas… the names of the areas… the names of the different types of houses in the area…. the history of the areas… the house finishes…. know all this and more and you will never run out of things to say and they will be impressed with your knowledge and that speaks professional to them…. and yes practice…. but knowledge is key and you will talk to them with confidence and knowledge to back it up… learn and study everything like you want to get 100 percent on a test… and understand objections in terms of why that is there objection and your counter argument should address that why

  4. Really appreciate you and Brian and your advice. If you get a chance please check out my Tips Tricks and Strategies series video. Id appreciate your feedback. I will learn and roll play. Thanks. KW Agents Rock!

  5. Hey guys! I haven’t started my real estate classes yet, I am just trying to make a plan. I do not personally know any agents so I don’t have anyone to go to at the moment. I was wondering what are the steps immediately after I get my certification/license? Am I going to have to work under a brokerage or will I be on my own? I’m so ready to get started and it’s something I think about and am so excited about doing every day. I just don’t know what to expect!!

  6. So true, The more i get myself outhere by cold calling, Role Play, Prospect the more knockledgeble I become, more confidence.. that pain of feeling rejection or being afraid for whatever reason it starts fading away..You get Better Diversity brings the best Thank you Loida and Bryan thank u for taking the time and sharing U guys inspire me

  7. agree with most of it except with zillow providing legitimate leads – 99% are bogus so no matter the level of experience, it wont help you with bogus leads that zillow set you up for failure to start with while you are still paying to them! we should start paying zillow a percentage per transaction closed from their leads, make them work for once instead of milking realtors.

  8. As a new agent, thank you for the tips. I will definitely keep them in mind. One question. As realtors, you must know the value of staging a property to convey a positive image. That being said, why did you not crop out the damaged fence in the background of this video? : )

  9. Hey Brian, you two look great and the message is good. Even though you seem very successful and you are both like models.., I was distracted by the broken fence behind you, hehehe sorry just had to try to be funny, my wife says it doesn't work. Hey there okay, so my question is can I show your videos to my staff, broker/agents by my web delivery? 🙂 I own two small brokerages in Lakewood WA.

  10. After watching a bunch of your videos, I want to start role playing! Do you go to your teammate and say "okay pretend to be a fsbo not wanting to pay commission this time" and then next time tell them to do a different scenario? Or how do you come up with the scenarios to role play?

  11. Hi to both of you.
    I am really loving the videos you have. You're sharing such valuable information! I am located in Los Angeles, and currently studying to take the state exam. But i'm wondering if you are looking for personal assistants? Is there any way i could work with either of you?

  12. yeah… it doesn't take money to make money… but it make things easier. The beauty is you two are in the southern california where median home prices are over $500k in most areas… so you can have a dry spell for a few months and big pop… if you're in a place like ohio wher ehomes are like $100k then… you should wholesale so you can make bigger pops…. btw great video! p.s. here's a crazy tip… I buy leads from lead vendors all the time… but I do something that 99% doesn't… I hit them up and buy aged leads… you can get these leads for like 5 cents to 10 cents a pop… and the funny part is… if you ever bought real estate leads most don't convert immeditatly… so when you buy aged aka old leads…. they are prime to convert… also… take those leads and run retargeting ads.

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