Estate Agents Tips: Real Estate Impossible: Selling Nightmare Homes

Estate Agents Tip: Real Estate Impossible: Selling Nightmare Homes

Meet the Florida real estate agent who really loves a challenge when it comes to selling houses.

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44 thoughts on “Estate Agents Tips: Real Estate Impossible: Selling Nightmare Homes

  1. My slumlord tried to do a short sale on our rental like this. Very cluttered and lots of broken shit. No one was impressed so somehow we got a new lease which I still to this day can't figure out.

  2. Definitely worth it for the first one. The savings are more than enough to justify hiring someone else to clean it. New carpet and paint would make a massive difference

  3. I sold a house that no one would or could show- a dog that had been virtually abandoned and pooping in the house and had bit the person feeding him lol – but I am a dog whisperer and sweet talked the doggie into letting me in by giving him doggie treats and getting down in my knees and saying poor poor baby you mama left you- blah blah- anyhow doggie liked his treats and me let me in followed me to utility room where I gave more treats and closed the door behind me- lol and the showed the house and after escorting buyer out let doggie out- gave him love- and left-
    I sold the house- he he

  4. After getting the home fumigated and animal removal nope nope nope unless it's $20Gs and get a hauling companies to pull the mess out put in new stove bathroom frig etc. Yep also do a title search. These sellers don't do that but u may have to pay past county or city fees.

  5. How to clean up a hoarders house with animal stink, smoking stink and potential mold? Get an ozone generator or two and run them for a few days; Servicepro uses them after fires and floods.

  6. This is not a vacant home. This is a short sale, that means there are still people living in the house that's why is look like that. What do you expect, a new clean new house? If you too stupid to understand what a short sale is then don't look at one.

  7. The reporter is ridiculous and a DRAMA QUEEN of the first kind, there is no need to do the theatrics she is doing. The other people are normal people and not doing all that drama.

  8. Some people think that you just clean up a house with a broom and some Windex and others think that you need 10 people in Hazmat suits and a carpenter crew. There is a whole in between.

  9. seems like shortselling can mislead buyers into thinking they can maintain a lifestyle they cant. upkeep of a house like this wont be similarly discounted

  10. She would have to have professional cleaners come and clean that house and then clean it again. Especially with all the animal feces and urine and cigarette smoke. Those are smells that you can’t easily get rid of

  11. Before even showing the house to potential clients, they should throw all the items in a garage somewhere. Also you don't know if a certain collector's item is valuable in there.

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