Estate Agents Tips: Real Estate Exam Math / Percentages

Estate Agents Tip: Real Estate Exam Math / Percentages

Everybody hates math when preparing for their Real Estate exam. However some concepts are easy to grasp if you just take a second to refresh some lessons from middle school. Percentages is one we can all grasp as a way to ensure success on the Real Estate test.

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25 thoughts on “Estate Agents Tips: Real Estate Exam Math / Percentages

  1. I am so confused.. why not just add or subtract the 9% for those questions?.. or am I just too used to having a the % button on my iPhone calculator?
    I’m not understanding these at all..

  2. The second example is incorrect. Here’s the proper algebra. Let cost = C. Then sell price S = Cost – 9%*Cost = C(1-.09) which means S=0.91C or C = S /0.91 = 345k/0.91 = $379,120.88.

  3. I was completely confused by the second answer. Because that is not how we were taught in class. I came here to youtube to see if others also caught that it was wrong. It is wrong and needs to be removed from here.
    $345,000 is 91% (.91) of $379,120.88, so $345,000 would be 9% less than $379,120.88. Formula is 345,000➗.91=379,120.87912087…

  4. Upon my calculations the answer is 313,950.
    Because the problem says house was sold at 9% more than cost (by cost I assume the original price)
    So therefore original= 313.950 and sold = 345.000
    9%= 31.050

  5. Can calculators be used on the exam?
    I was thought 345,000*9/100=31,050 + 345000= 376,050
    This way is different to me and even easier maybe.

  6. I got the first one wrong but the second one right. My question is why can't you just substrate 31050 to 345000 and get 313950. 9 percent more is adding 31050 to get 376050. 9 percent less isn't subtracting 31050 from 345000?

  7. I am a Math Instructor. Diana Mendez is right! On the 2nd problem, the sold price $345,000 is 9% less than the original price meaning $345,000 is (100%-9%=) 91% of the original price. So let the original price be Y, then $345,000= (100%-9%) x Y; Y should be $345,000 / 91%=$379,120.88
    To double check: Amount different=Sold price-Original price=$345,000-$379,120.88 = -$34,120.88 (which negative amount means $34,120.88 less than the Original price)
    Original price: $379,120.88 x 9% = $34,120.88 (9% of the Original price)
    The correct answer should be $379,120.88

    The key word is 9% more or less the original price not sold price.
    If the answer on the video original price $376,050 x 9%= $33,844.5, so sold price is 9% less of the original price
    $376,050 – $33,844.5= $342,205.5 then the sold price should be $342,205.5 not $345,000!

  8. thanks so much for doing this slowly, I have been running from math since junior high, but now I'm in real estate school and I can't anymore, but I'm starting to feel more comfortable with this math demon

  9. I'm confused.. So is the original cost of the house $316,513.76 OR is it $376,050?? That is more than a 50K difference. What if both of those answers are choices within a multiple choice selection?  I VERY much–admittedly–suck at math (which is why my BA is in history). Thus, I'm brushing up on what I already had a difficult time with 30+ years ago. Besides the brain portion for math, what am I missing here? [Insert Ferris Buelller's teacher]: "Anyone?…Anyone??]  Thanks.

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