Estate Agents Tips: Real Estate Agents Pushing Black Homebuyers To Purchase Polluted Properties

Estate Agents Tip: Real Estate Agents Pushing Black Homebuyers To Purchase Polluted Properties

According to the results of a new study, real estate agents across the country have systemically been steering African American homebuyers to buy homes in neighborhoods that are overly polluted by corporate waste. This is environmental racism, and the homebuyers are rarely, if ever, told about the potential dangers of the property they purchase. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.
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According to a new study, racism is alive and well in the real estate business. A new study came out this week showing that real estate agents across the country are more likely to show African-American home buyers homes in polluted areas near toxic waste sites than they are to show those same homes to equally qualified white home buyers. Basically what’s happening, according to this report, is that real estate agents are trying to push black people to buy homes in areas that are so polluted that it’s almost guaranteed to make them sick meanwhile they’re almost refusing to show these same homes in these polluted areas to white people even when income levels are consistent among the two groups, they’re equally qualified to purchase these homes, they just don’t want the white people to live in those polluted areas.

Now this report is actually based on information gathered by Housing and Urban Development so gathered by the government itself where they actually sent out actors, white actors, black actors, Asian actors to pose as home buyers. Every single one of them came to a real estate agent with the exact same income level, exact same criteria, same everything. The only thing that was different was their race. And almost every time, the real estate agents would go out there show the black buyers the polluted homes, the homes where the soil toxic levels were at a point where it would almost give you cancer after a year or two. Air pollution levels so bad that you were almost guaranteed to develop some kind of respiratory illness and they rarely, if ever, ask the white people, and most of the time the Asian people, to even consider those properties.

Real estate agents right now, according to this report, are engaged in systemic housing discrimination. And yes, that is illegal. What needs to be done here, rather than what the National Association of Realtors is doing, saying well, we’re going to work on training. No, no, no. People need to go to jail, okay. You broke the law. You’re engaging in real estate racism, environmental racism. Furthermore, this study actually confirms what many other studies have already found, which is that the African-American and Latino community are more likely to be affected by pollution by any other population as a whole. And now we have a good reason for that. It’s because we have racist real estate agents, who may not even realize they’re racist but it’s built into their industry to push minorities into these heavily polluted areas that eventually will get them killed or at least make them sick enough to help destroy their lives.

These agents should not just be ashamed of themselves, but as I pointed out, this is housing discrimination, which is illegal, so these people should be prosecuted. You want to solve a problem, throw some people in jail. That is the only way that you can send a message to this entire industry that this is not okay and that we understand what you’re doing and we won’t stand for it one bit and that you’ll never get away with it. Because until we do that, this is going to continue. The National Association of Realtors is going to say well, we did everything we could, we gave them the right training. They know to not do this but some of them are still doing it. Good. Fire ’em. Prosecute ’em. Stick ’em in jail. That’s how you send a message and it’s a message that, apparently the real estate industry desperately needs to hear.

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25 thoughts on “Estate Agents Tips: Real Estate Agents Pushing Black Homebuyers To Purchase Polluted Properties

  1. Im not surprise, white people been doing this shit since slavery. Thats why the white race is dying out, you cant keep doing evil to people and think nothing will happen.

  2. there are reasons why wherever black people move to they destroy the housing market… it's not racism it's reality that they destroy shit and everyone is sick of dealing with them. Nobody wants to deal with the blacks anymore especially with this blame game and victim mentality shit, slavery was long ago in the past get a fucking life and stop looking for handouts you pieces of shit stop trying to take everything we have worked for or go back to africa stop trying to steal from us

  3. Angry yes surprised no because America was founded on anti black racism and these racist ass real estate agents are foot soldiers of the race war that white people started with us. Black people aren't going to ever left alone in this racist ass country. So why in the hell should we stand for the national anthem or celebrate America's bullshit holidays that America wouldn't even have in the first place without slavery. So my enslaved kidnapped ancestors were forced to build this country and didn't get a dime but their descendants bust our asses to get the American Dream and create wealth for ourselves by becoming home owners. Black people cant build good lives for ourselves if we are serious ill or dead.

  4. I guess real estate agents are not really racist. THey only know that black people with the same financial background might be less sensitive to environmental issues, thus they are moer wiling to buy. White families may be more sensitive to that, and there may be a greater chance the agent could be sued later because of this unhealthy environment.

  5. Farron, ALL Realtors are not scum, as you and your followers have all been suggesting! Every profession has its good and bad people. Even journalists such as yourself are NOT thought of in a good light all the time! This video makes my blood boil!

  6. Toxic "brownfields" ( meaning nothing much can survive on the land anymore ) are being developed into "luxury" ( only meaning expensive ) high rise condos all over post-industrial cities in New England. Playgrounds for little kids are being erected on dioxin contaminated soil. It's all good for the real estate brokers who take their hefty commissions and never need to consider the cancers and other deadly diseases the mostly brown-skinned buyers will probably develop from prolonged toxic exposure. These brownfield lots were condemned for a good reason not so long ago. If you're white and rich, you don't move into these places. You buy them and rent 'em out to darker folks at exorbitant rates, reaping huge personal profits. Yeah, that's racism, classism and predatory capitalism all rolled into one big polluted package.

  7. I'm not gonna agree at all with this out landish nonsense. I leave in Georgia homes being bought by all kinds of people who are different in color and religion so that's a lie. I have two relatives in reality business whom dont discreamat. Just more remarkable how low you can be…

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