Estate Agents Tips: Real Estate Agent Vlog – A Typical Day + Cold Calling Success

Estate Agents Tip: Real Estate Agent Vlog – A Typical Day + Cold Calling Success

Meet our Team! Hope you enjoyed this vlog with all of us along with getting a little taste of what a typical day as a real estate agent is like.


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26 thoughts on “Estate Agents Tips: Real Estate Agent Vlog – A Typical Day + Cold Calling Success

  1. Hi Loida, I am in the process of getting my real estate license & I am very excited! I am a manager for an employment agency & have a lot of experience cold calling customers so I am not nervous in that area. I am nervous and not sure how to get started. I don’t want to leave my full time job because of money. How do u make real estate your full time job?

  2. Question: I just got my license and feel a little lost. I joined the K Company and am watching videos (I have a strong background in internet marketing & website design) so I figured a mostly online company that doesn't take a huge cut would be good. So my question is this. Should I have joined a company that can show me the ropes in person, of can someone learn this online and watching videos?

  3. Hi Loida, quick question, in the past i have ask before if i could shadow an agent or ask for mentoring, but they have said that its illegal to mentor someone who doesn't have there licences as yet.. what do you think of that?

  4. Loida, I'm a new agent. And just became a Realtor. I work in a family business in Texas and my Sisster in laws are agents also. I really ENJOYED this video because it reminds me of my daily routine. Working but enjoying whom you work with. We also eat lunch with each other every day! Oh and we work out from 7-8 am each day before work too!

  5. I have been trying to find out in the mojo site what number shows up on peoples caller id when you call from mojo. I travel a lot for work and want something that I can put my work number in when I call them and not have it show the number I call from like if I am at my moms for a week and still do my cold calls from there. Love your Videos. So much great info for us newbies. I am still waiting on my license.

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