Estate Agents Tips: Real Estate Agent Safety – Overcoming Fear

Estate Agents Tip: Real Estate Agent Safety – Overcoming Fear

Realtor safety – overcoming fear

The NAR has officially informed me that I can no longer use the term REALTOR when referring to REALTOR safety. Apparently, this makes them look bad. They told me to change the name of all videos containing the word REALTOR safety to real estate agent safety. Far fewer people search for “real estate agent safety” than “realtor safety” and this means that my videos will now be harder to find. It seems like the NAR would rather protect their trademark than protect agents. But that doesn’t matter! This gives me even more reason to double down my efforts to help agents stay safe! Please help by sharing this video and subscribing to this channel. Let’s do this! Thank you for your help.

So much noise and misinformation is out there about real estate safety. Most of it comes from inexperienced, untrained, unqualified real estate agents who don’t know the first thing about safety! Here are some thoughts on how to overcome fear and be a better, safer agent.

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