Estate Agents Tips: Real estate agent recruiting video ideas.

Estate Agents Tip: Real estate agent recruiting video ideas.

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This is a complete system to attract and retain agents. We attract agents by emailing them after your office do a deal with them. We help you retain agents by providing online education. It’s like 24 hour training thats branded as your office that shows your agents how to videos on: google, facebook, team building & much more!

Free up your time by doing less company training and start building relationships with agents who will eventually be joining your company!


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2 thoughts on “Estate Agents Tips: Real estate agent recruiting video ideas.

  1. I realize that getting on the phones and talking to agents but I need a system that I can type in to pull up producing agents. The only system I know is a system that remax has and I believe Century 21 has. You type in I want to pull up all the agents that has done 3 to 12 deals in the last 12 months. Bang it pulls it up. If you have a system like that please let me know. It will make my life easier. I love  making phone calls, Sometimes finding a catch phrase or a benefit we have over the other companies. For example We allow our agents to all aspects of real estate Commercial property, Residential Business brokerage and leasing. I recruited 67 agents my first year and 111 my second year. The real estate bubble burst 48 to 110 a year. This month has been my worst month in 10 years. I am not happy looking for a new way..

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