Estate Agents Tips: Real Estate Agent Recruiting: From 50 to 350 Agents

Estate Agents Tip: Real Estate Agent Recruiting: From 50 to 350 Agents

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Whether you’re building a team or a brokerage, you have two duties: 1. Increase your agents’ production and 2. Increase the size of your office. Your office must be set up in a way that helps your agents sell more real estate. You have to be able to produce results, then get that message into the community. In our latest mastermind, Brian shares how he ran his office like a large real estate team with built-in productivity coaching.

3 Takeaways-

Think of your office as a built-in productivity coaching company

Get your agents focused on the rights goals for the stage they’re in

The ISA role is the toughest to coach – if you haven’t done the work you won’t have the credibility to hire and coach an ISA

If you’re able to succeed and show that the majority of people who come to your office increase their production and make more income, the proof is in the pudding. Numbers are numbers, and those are very easy and very public. If you’re able to do that, it’s like breaking open a pinata. Everybody wants to join your company. -Brian Icenhower

If you’re recruiting agents and building your team, one of your roles is to install a culture of coaching and abundance. You need your top agents helping your beginners and each other. You need everyone on board recruiting and sending referrals. Leadership and coaching have been keys to Brian’s success and can drive your success as well, if you invest in yourself and your team.

Guest Bio

Internationally recognized real estate trainer, speaker and coach Brian Icenhower is the creator of, the world’s leading production training website for real estate agents. Brian is also an attorney, a real estate broker, a real estate litigation expert witness, and a frequently published real estate author.

Brian is also currently the CEO of Keller Williams Realty Kansas City North, the largest & highest producing real estate office in the Kansas City Northland. Before relocating to Kansas City, Brian launched and operated a number of real estate companies throughout Central & Southern California, along with affiliated escrow companies, real estate licensing schools, commercial real estate divisions and luxury homes divisions.

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2 thoughts on “Estate Agents Tips: Real Estate Agent Recruiting: From 50 to 350 Agents

  1. Keller Williams offers a lot more than splits. Speaking of splits, after cap the the split is 100% to agent which is only about. This translates to only 6-8 closings based on your price point and Cap. This translates into Top Performers make more at Keller Williams and can expand their business around the state, and country with their Expansion Systems.

  2. Yes but KW rips off their Agents. 70/30 plus 6%… At a 100% flat fee brokerage you only have to sell 20 houses compared to 50 with KW. Fact is, no broker matters, its all about marketing period and if the broker is sucking too much off the top (aka KW), then its impossible to put money back into your marketing. KW has a good front but most end up leaving for a reason.

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