Estate Agents Tips: Quitting Real Estate (Quitting My Job As A Real Estate Agent) REAL TALK

Estate Agents Tip: Quitting Real Estate (Quitting My Job As A Real Estate Agent) REAL TALK

Quitting my job as a real estate agent. This video is all about throwing in the towel and quitting real estate for good. Everything I say in this video is from the heart, they are my feelings, and there are some things that need to be said. Quitting real estate will be very easy. It’s basically just saying I’m done.

It took me years to follow my dreams because i was paralyzed by so many times in life we fail to move on a goal or dream because we are worried about taking that step.

This is the most outspoken video I have made but I finally found the courage to do it and I really hope this helps someone.









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39 thoughts on “Estate Agents Tips: Quitting Real Estate (Quitting My Job As A Real Estate Agent) REAL TALK

  1. I’m a freelance headshot photographer and this is absolutely the same for me, and any kind of entrepreneurial job. I recently got some part-time office work to fill the gaps and while it’s humbling, it’s allowing me the safety net I need. Love your videos!

  2. The same thing happened to me. I was once representing a buyer and the seller didn't show up to closing. This is the realest video! This crosses my mind at least once a week, then I think about getting a job and do my best to put things back in perspective. My goal is to be in a position like Austin Lopez! (see his comment)

  3. They brother, the fact the people consider people a Realtor is a job is absolutely wrong. Jobs are easy, you put in minimal effort and take home a pay check. Being a Realtor is a BUSINESS. Running a business takes way more work and energy. You have to work 7 days a week and 10-12 hrs a day for a long amount of time before your business takes off.

  4. Real estate cloud is full of time wasters. If you let those time wasters take your time and energy, you are done. The more I learnt about identifying those time wasters and about how to eliminate them, the more I could focus on the part of my job which was profitable and which I enjoy. I just learnt to say NO.

  5. I definitely want to be in the real estate business and run a business. You are one of the people that I found and you’re the reason that I know more from you than what I’ve previously known about the real estate business. I don’t want you to quit because you have been in the game for a long time so you’re not a quitter. I am quick to let things get to me sometimes and it happens to everyone.

  6. It took me 9 years to get my bachelor's degree, double the amount of time to get it and some. In my head and heart, I know that I wouldn't quit until I get it. It was a do or die for me. I was that miner who wouldn't give up until I struck diamond. As a real estate investor, I will bring that to the table too. I don't know what else to do. That is my next do or die. All for my ultimate goal of being a multi-millionaire. All for my future generation and my family.

  7. thanks for the info, Im in my real estate training course and getting real nervous feels like I'm riding on this hope of a new career, currently recently separated Vet using my VA loan to acquire my first investment (longterm Rental) kinda hoped becoming a real estate agent would help since I'm 22 and i got room to grow but we"ll see one day at a time…

  8. *excuse my english writing ….not from USA .
    I was looking at This vid and started thinking..i am in the real estate business from 2017…with my own business and working only in exclusive listings in a country and county that never even heard of This working method.Am the only one…and had nobody next to me to Tell me how to manage my business or contracts.I work Alone and my monthly real estate expenses are 300$ just to keep IT going.In the 1st year i had 15exclusive listings sold by myself,opened an office downtown and got the international realtor diploma from NAR and also specialised in SRS and RENE.Here there are only 40other realestate companys in my town ,usually realtors do not collaborate ,and I am taking care of all things related to This business(contracts,marketing,prospecting,cold calls,client meetings ,photo sessions ,photo editig,homestaging,bank communicating ,and also closing the deals+administrative issues and training all time.Here clients don't even want to hear about exclusive listings ,we are given only 2% commision of the price the house sold and only from the seller.Here the law about a exclusive contract doesn't even exist so in some cases You can't sue the person for not respecting the contract.Here a contract listed exclusive does not even give the realtors a security in matter of getting back the money they invested in marketing a property in case the contract expires or the house îs not sold.So we end up working for nothing.Here sellers use our photos and descriptions to post online as a FSBO without even thinking somebody worked his but to make those .Looking at the problems some of You think You have with all respect makes me wonder What You guys would do If u worked 1day in my shoes.And even so,today in 2019 am still working ,am open in business and in the past 6months didn't close any deal but,I wouldn't ever give up!

  9. Sounds similar to my nursing career. The trials and tribulations. However, there are great things, and it sounds like you have to push through bumps in the road.

  10. I am hot 3 months in and i got my listing the first month have a buyer with the lender today….I'm on fire….but i lack experience….and i am thankful for this type of videos

  11. Hi thanks for sharing your knowledge for some of us it was encouraging whoever i will love to just try to get a license to challenge my self with something new i tried to be a Health care agent i felt 4 times the exams i was very discouraged.But now i feel like to try something new…To learn new thing..Am also in Texas any recommendation how to start?Thanks

  12. Great videos, I am a mother of 3 with a full time job and getting ready to start my real estate classes this weekend. I am very nervous and I am grateful for your videos. It's a guide for me that we all also needs. thank you

  13. Every agent, including myself, comes to that fork in the road…. do I stay in the business or get out. For some agents it's within the first few months. For others it's after years of grinding it out… Mine hit at the 10 year mark… Keep fighting the good fight everyone!

  14. Honestly this really helped me out man, I'm not in real estate but I do consider myself an entrepreneur and this really in a pretty down time, I know I gotta get back on that grind but I've felt really stuck lately but your talk about being that close to a breakthrough was really inspirational so thank you for the great video,

  15. I think this video is so important, all you hear is how great real estate and in reality it's ALOT of hard work. I dropped out of school to become a young real estate agent KNOWING it was going to take just as much work, if not more than going through the hell of finals at a university. It isn't taking the easy way out. People need to know this business is only a gold mine for those that are willing to persevere and keep going!

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