Estate Agents Tips: Picking The Right Farm Area for Real Estate Agents

Estate Agents Tip: Picking The Right Farm Area for Real Estate Agents

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Have you been trying to find the right farm area to market to? Have you found that the competition is challenging or that there’s just not enough sales?
Well look no further. Right here you’ll discover how to identify the hot spots that are going to make you the money you need.

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22 thoughts on “Estate Agents Tips: Picking The Right Farm Area for Real Estate Agents

  1. Hey Anthony, great video.  I'm fairly new to real estate and don't have a "preferred" title company yet.  I've identified a potential farm area I'd like to target but don't have all the data to support going in there. Should I just reach out to the title company close to my potential farming area and get the sales data?

  2. I just want to say great video! The only question I have is what software did you uses to analyze agent market share after you pulled the data from the mls???

  3. Hey Anthony; thanks for your insights; I was searching for a way to determine where to farm and you hit the spot; now I have to figure out where to get the title listing up here in Canada and what a tract number (or equivalent) is; thanks again. 

  4. Thank you Anthony! I am glad I stumbled across your video. I have since found a neighborhood that has not been dominated by agents, and will be sending monthly newsletters to that subdivision to promote myself as a neighborhood expert! Thanks for your help!

  5. I had a spreadsheet put together that I crunch all these numbers in. But simply put it's by taking all the sales in a specific area and finding out how many agents have taken a listing in that area over a specified time frame (like 12 months) and then calculate what percentage of listings each agent has. Many times I find that in some areas there is high turnover and one agent will have most of the market share but most of the time there are areas that have lots of agents with no market share.

  6. How did you do your agent query to determine market share? Is that something that was found in the farm package that the title company gave you?

    BTW, I enjoyed your video! Thanks for the advice!

  7. Great video! Only feedback would be to use a different microphone next time. Very breathy and lots of mouth noises. Great material and wouldn't want to distract from that. Great job!

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