Estate Agents Tips: Part-Time Real-Estate Agent: Is It Possible?

Estate Agents Tip: Part-Time Real-Estate Agent: Is It Possible?

Being a part time real estate agent is not something I would recommend. I had a horrible experience being a part-time realtor.If you are considering a part-time job as an agent, here are my tips to making it.

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1,You need to focus on getting out of your other job at all costs

Don’t plan on staying in that part-time job for a long time, because the end goal is to be a full time agent. While working your other job you need to focus on how you can get out, work for a team, and/or become a salaried agent. Staying in limbo between the two jobs will make your life a living hell. Call other agents, companies, and/or real-estate teams to see if they have any positions available that will provide you enough cash to meet living expenses and practice real-estate.

2. New Construction is a great choice

Often times new construction is a great choice for new agents, because the business comes to you! Often times the jobs come salaried, with benefits, and many other perks. The construction company I work for lets me sit on site, pick up new clients, and sell outside!

3. You need to be upfront about your part-time real-estate to new clients.

My clients were very understanding of my situation (but most of them are investors so they did not need to be shown houses like a first time buyer would). Let your clients know that you are working a part-time job and don’t conceal it. If you are hard-working outside they more then likely won’t mind and will work within your schedule.

4. Being a part-time agent is not going to be fun

Please heed this warning. Part-time real-estate is not fun. In order to make any form of a salary, you will have to donate large amounts of time to real-estate. This time will eat up any sort of free time you have. While I worked both jobs, I had no life. I literally worked all day, everyday. It was a very sad existence and something I would never do again!

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