Estate Agents Tips: New Real Estate Agent vs. Seasoned Agent

Estate Agents Tip: New Real Estate Agent vs. Seasoned Agent

– Chastn J. Miles | Dallas, TX Luxury Real Estate Agent

I hear clients sometime turn down the opportunity to sign with an agent because they feel like they are a new agent and do not know what they are doing. The question I want to address here is should you hire a New Real Estate Agent vs. a Seasoned Agent.

There are definitely advantages to both but I want you to take the opportunity and really think about it so that you make an informed decision.

Just because an agent may be in their first year in the business, does not necessarily mean they are not going get a home sold for you or to you. What qualifies someone as a new agent? Let’s say for example, you interviewed 5 agents and they were all under 2 years in the business but one was 2 years and 6 months. Would you say that they were all new or would that one be qualified as seasoned?

Real estate agents have a habit of throwing around the word “seasoned”. It’s like it makes them more qualified to sell your home. I want you to know that the word seasoned literally means nothing to me. It’s like real estate agents try to use that word as an automatic guarantee.

When I was an agent brand new in the business, I felt like I was the hardest working real estate agent in Dallas. I was constantly hitting the phones looking for new business, I was servicing my clients like no other agent around, I was really making things happen. I encountered so many “seasoned” agents that gave me so many compliments because they felt like they see me everywhere. Dallas was the city that I was about to take over. I knew that this would only be possible if I worked hard. Therefore, I seized every opportunity for a new listing or for a new buyer to work with. I knew that I would take excellent care of them.

Other things I want you to look at when deciding on a real estate agent to sell your home is how attentive and aggressive they are. Do they sound professional? Are they sharp? Do they seem like they are on top of their game? If so, they probably are. They will most likely be a great agent for you.

Also think about this, a new agent probably won’t have a big book of business. You may be their only client at the time. If you watched my other video: How Much Money Do Real Estate Agents Make? You will understand a lot better why this may be the best real estate agent for you.

Seasoned agents sometimes may have to much going on to show your property the attention it deserves. What if your property is not the highest priced property the agent is working on, will they show you the attention you deserve or would they put you at the bottom of the list?

It all comes down to the actual real estate agent. Remember that. If they seem like a hard worker, they most likely are. Do they answer or return your calls promptly? Do your emails get returned in a timely manner? Do they seem knowledgeable about the market?

When a real estate agent joins the business, they have to belong to a company or broker. Most companies provide training and help new agents along the way so that they do a good job when they get business.

I can tell you that I, Chastin J. Miles, provides a unique real estate service to my clients.

Not all real estate agents in Dallas are the same. Interview a few. Seasoned and new. See who you feel will get the job done the best. Not just by how many homes they have sold. Do not just focus on how old they are or how long they have been in the business. There is so much more than that.

That “seasoned agent” can be old, lazy, behind on technology, busy, or have to many other responsibilities that a new agent may not have. Therefore that new agent can focus all of their energy on getting your home sold. They will have more time to do open houses, network, and more. Plus, they need to make money! We do not get paid until we sell your home.

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Chastin J. Miles is a licensed Texas Real Estate Agent with eXp Realty.

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  1. This is true! Back when I was starting in real estate, I was so dedicated and focused to my first few clients. Afterwards when I had plenty of clients, giving full attention to just one client is challenging. Although seasoned brokers are more knowledgeable, generally, information and techniques are just a type away from Google. But being focused and passionate on only one or a few clients is something that can't be guaranteed on seasoned brokers. Give newbies a chance. They will pour their energy on your house.

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