Estate Agents Tips: New Real Estate Agent Tips – Transitioning into Real Estate FAQs

Estate Agents Tip: New Real Estate Agent Tips – Transitioning into Real Estate FAQs

This video answers the common question of:
– Going into Real Estate either Part-time or Full-time
– How much money should you have saved up
– Process of getting into the business. Courses and exams.

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16 thoughts on “Estate Agents Tips: New Real Estate Agent Tips – Transitioning into Real Estate FAQs

  1. My buddy didn't submit all the paperwork he needed in Florida. He had an old arrest that showed up. He ended up having to go in front of the review board. All in all it took 5 months. Where compared to me (I submitted everything including an old felony) and I was approved within 2 weeks.

  2. Did the long hours with sales associations that didn't have nearly the same pay off… aware of the work hours and they can be long and tough.. Awesome video and Thank you!

  3. Be very careful with mentors!!! they can screw your experience and make you get out of the industry very fast. Also if I was to start as apart time, I would study the scripts before actually starting. I think that would save tremendous amount of time. So, once you are ready to jump in to real estate, you hit the ground running

  4. Hey Loida, I watched this video and am curious towards a few things and wondering if you could help me understand what is the best decision to make. I recall in this video that Bryan stated that he jumped right into the business and went full time. Did Bryan go to college and get a real estate degree of some sort and if so does he recommend doing that? If not, would you guys go back, if you could, and go to college to pursue that education? Do you guys know anyone who went to college and truly hated it and said it was a waste OR completely said the opposite and said it was great? I understand that in this field of work that you must learn as you go and repetition is key. I am just wondering to keep all these factors in mind when starting career. The advice you two give is great! Thanks for your time

  5. hey i was wondering are there any brokerages that offer school as well, like after you complete schooling with them you can work with that company? ex: big companies like keller willams?

  6. You guys are super helpful! Keep these videos coming. I'm in the valley (LA) and newly licensed. I interviewed with RE/Max and Rodeo. I have some more interviews to do before I can commit to a brokerage. Getting ready to do this full time and I'll be following your advice to get my career going. Thank you!

  7. Again, the whole "save for 6 months" lol when you're living paycheck to paycheck (whole reason why I want to get into real estate to make better $) I cannot save for 6 months. No one answers me about the credit card… Guess I will just have to do it lol and say F it and take the leap of faith, I have no other way

  8. hey loida, how would you respond if you're a completely new agent who's never sold a house before, and the seller asks about your track record/ how many homes you've sold.

  9. Hey Loida quick question what do you take with you when your door knocking? Like whats the script like? Is there one you use particularly? I'm a new Real estate agent out of Dallas trying to make it big like you guys!

  10. It would be great to hear more from Brandon about what he did when he first started. He mentioned role playing for two hours. Maybe discuss that more and/or other things new agents can do. Helpful as always! Keep the vids coming 😀

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