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  1. First time I looked this up, and clicked on her and now I need to know Spanish to good thing I got out of this video five minutes and I’m sure it’s much easier!

  2. It's too bad others are so critical when you're just trying to be helpful. Whatever, right? I thought this video was incredibly honest and thorough. You gave exactly the right amount of information about the process of getting the license, the incredible fees, the job experience, what may be better alternative jobs, and how a license may help you with those. This was extremely helpful, especially for those who don't know what to expect. You probably saved some people a lot of money, frustration, and disappointment and the ones who may still try real estate are much better prepared. Nice work. And good job going to school, working, and getting your real estate license – that's really tough. Thanks so much!

  3. So many people go into real estate thinking it is easy money .. obviously it is not , cold calling, door knocking , talking to people is simply to find out if homeowners are ready to make a move Those are simply contacts to communicate with people to find out whether they’re ready to buy or sell after 14 years of doing this it is my passion and guiding my sellers and buyers Through the process of buying and selling is something I truly enjoy again it is not for everyone there is a can be a lot of frustration involved but you have to have the skills and the patience to communicate with people good luck on your journey

  4. Real Estate is a "sales" based career. Those are the things you have to do if you want to make money. Cold calling is not a scam, the more you do it the better you get. If you get someone on the phone, get all there needs and wants, qualify them, slow then down, take control, and creat a relationship with that person. It would be the same thing as if that person is in front of you. Those leads are people who actually want to make a deal. It just sounds like you dont want to put in the work and actually hustle. Not saying that in a negative way, but it sound like this isnt for you. You can hustle and make deals and still make everyone/the customer happy. Talk about why they should buy from you, the agency, etc… This is not scamming, its called SALES

  5. Lead generating, cold calling, and hustling are not the same thing as scamming. You are using that word as a hammer to bash the industry you clearly do not belong in. All three of those components are used by individuals in every business to make a lot of money, you simply do not like doing them. You are entitled to your own opinion, however, the statements you made as to why Real Estate was not right for you were unfair. You said Real Estate was the problem for it not working out for you, and blamed the system. This is dishonest, the problem is not the system, it is you. Just because it is not for you does not mean it is a bad industry, this view you hold is very narcissistic. Hate the player, not the game. You said your job is to conduct market research for a Real Estate company. Let me break this down for you: market research: acquiring information about potential clients, eventually to be used to sell them on something. This has a big impact on… wait for it… lead generation. The information generated from market research is used in lead generation, one of the three components you said was similar to scamming. Let me take it one step further for you: because you work for a Real Estate company, and the work you do helps them generate leads, does that mean you are helping those who scam people? That is a fair question that I am sure many who are reading this comment are now beginning to see the flaws in your argument. The statement you made about how everyone should get their Real Estate license because it looks good on an application is idiotic. Consider this: a perspective chef should acquire a law degree because it shows that he is disciplined and determined. This statement makes no sense, and neither does yours. While a Real Estate license may be useful in acquiring many different jobs, it is naive to believe that it will help one acquire employment across every industry. You also tarnish your own credibility in this video. Repeating throughout the video what such a hard worker you are and how amazing you are at everything only reveals your bias and implies doubt in the mind of those your testimony. Also, saying you are not good at explaining something shows you are clearly not prepared to speak of the subject or do not know what you are trying to convey. You should remove this video from your channel and re-upload it when you have fixed the flaws in your argument.

    Mass Comm: Poli Comm

  6. I know this video is from a while ago but for me personally, I feel that my current sales job will benefit in real estate. I have learned a ton! (I am currently taking the salesperson course)
    I definitely think every mentor and brokerage will be different. I’d want to be around people that would push me and train me well. And I don’t see it as just trying to hustle and get sales, a lot of people start the career because they like to help people and for genuine reasons. Idk I just feel like in real estate, it’s your own business, you have to grow it, seek clients by cold calling and other ways, because they won’t be handed to you, it’s the only way, and build relationships of course. It can be very rewarding from what I’ve seen! As your business gets better more clients will come to you!

  7. My aunt lives in NC and has her license worked as a broker and stated it was and is worth it because as the population grows these days property is going up and up in value, and i used to watch a lot of hgtv im really interested in getting into real estate and of course theres all those successful stories where real estate agents geet huge commissions and selling one house you will get like $5k per house, thats way more than my job in customer service and of course it does depend on experience and location and how the market is, and this could be something i can do while going back to school

  8. What other career opportunities would you recommend with a real estate license? And the job mentioned with the investment company, do you think your business degree helped land that job (moreso than the real estate license)?

  9. I’ve been thinking about getting into real estate for a few years and have always been interested in the whole flipping houses idea how did you get involved in what you currently do now mentioned at the end of your video?

  10. I'm currently 18 and I started my courses recently. Right now it is a mix of feelings. Mostly excitement thankfully and and also thankful that a good majority of my family on my mom's side (including her) has been or is in R E in California. Gotta just stay motivated and get passed the obstacles one way or another.

  11. I'm sorry to be stupid.
    But what is a Real estate license for?
    Selling real estate?
    I'm really curious.

    I'm 16, so I'm still trying to research a lot of profitable jobs/business I can do around this age or in the near future.

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