Estate Agents Tips: Millionaire Real Estate Agent on How He Went From Broke to Making Millions!

Estate Agents Tip: Millionaire Real Estate Agent on How He Went From Broke to Making Millions!

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Jump in to today’s GSD Top Entrepreneur interview with Jason Mitchell to hear Jason’s amazing story from being penniless in detroit as a child, to a self-made multi-millionaire at age 26, losing it all in the 2008 crash and how he came back from that! Hosted by yours truly, Joshua Smith.

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40 thoughts on “Estate Agents Tips: Millionaire Real Estate Agent on How He Went From Broke to Making Millions!

  1. I remember watching this everyday when I first got into the RE business 2 years ago. These 2 guys are legends who built their business from the ground up with sweat equity, putting in the work every single day for years. Appreciate the content!

  2. Josh, I came across your video and I have to say I am so grateful for it. Thank you for doing what you do. This conversation was great. It's always amazing to see how successful individuals think and go about their lives. This was definitely an eye opener for someone like me that is trying to get their foot in the real estate game. Thank you again!

  3. Truly exceptional interview and awesome story back to the Top, I really like Jason's honesty about how low it got and what he did to get back to the top. Two Thumbs Up!!

  4. as a woman its difficult to link up and surround myself with successful realtors and business ppl. most of them are men. and the women are older and don't grind like i do plus they have a sense of jealousy.

  5. Thanks alot for this video !
    Awesome info !
    Very motivating for someone like me just starting out, took a hit in 2008 myself, and this just helps alot !
    Once again, thank you !

  6. I am wondering i understand the broker is different then the real estate agents / Realtors that work for them but is the certification/license any different kind of wondering what makes one certified to be a realtor /real estate agent as opposed to being certified to be a broker?

  7. Thank you thank you Thank you. Thats what I tell people you have to make sure the margins are there BEFORE purchasing the property for investment. So many people unfortunately thinks its as easy as HGTV makes it looks to make money flipping property.

  8. Im new to your channel Joshua I've seen a couple videos and i have to say for a young soon to be real estate agent this was extremely great content and experience between the 2 of you. I'm 18 and learning all I can about real estate from the top agents and investors. Keep these videos coming I can't wait to learn more from you and this channel!

  9. Great interview Josh! love watching the show.
    Can you do an interview or a segment in these companys that claim that they will teach you how to make money in investing and make $200k+ in your first year etc…?? thanks.
    Great show!! love it

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