Estate Agents Tips: ManyChat for Real Estate Agents | Steal This Messenger Bot

Estate Agents Tip: ManyChat for Real Estate Agents | Steal This Messenger Bot

ManyChat for Real Estate Agents | Steal This Messenger Bot

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5 thoughts on “Estate Agents Tips: ManyChat for Real Estate Agents | Steal This Messenger Bot

  1. Hey Adam, I'm brand new to ManyChat. I love the idea behind it! Your video was so informative! I live in Caddo Mills, TX but I attend church in Frisco at Elevate Life. Judging by the video, it sounds like you are local? If so, do you ever offer any one on one consultations to help people really get set up and understand Many Chat? I would obviously pay for your time! Where I am from, were are in the social media dark ages. I'm a Realtor, and with competition heating up and growing more fierce every year, I need to really step my game up. Not a lot of people here even know what Many Chat is so I. AM. STRUGGLING. LOL! My email is [email protected] if you have a second to email me some info on your marketing packages or consultation prices. Thank you SO much!

  2. Good stuff, Adam. Much to learn! I don't have a set day or time for YouTubing I guess…but probably tend more to the late afternoon/evening when I'm beyond my most productive hours but still want to keep learning and absorbing good info like yours and taking notes. – Todd

  3. Man, Adam! I was very anti-bot because of how impersonal it feels to me as a consumer, but with this behind-the-scenes look, I am beginning to see and appreciate the usefulness of it. I thumbed you up and will be reaching out to you soon to help me out with a FB ad campaign on an upcoming listing. I have already used you in the past and was very happy with the results. It's currently after midnight my time on Sat morning watching this video. Personally, there's no regular time for me when I watch videos, the internet is open 24/7 haha. Great stuff!

  4. Just finished watching. Question, I just created a facebook ad. I entered my Ref URL. Does this flow automatically start once someone sends a message? I tried to test and had no success.

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