Estate Agents Tips: Kevin Ward Live Listing Presentation Role Play

Estate Agents Tip: Kevin Ward Live Listing Presentation Role Play

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This is a live role play in 2011 of a traditional Listing Presentation script, that I used to teach, done by me with some of other agents for training on how to make a scripted presentation sound natural.

This script, which I used to teach from a different coaching company, contains several resistance triggers…phrases that cause sellers to resist you.

Notice the use of pauses and downswings to give the embedded commands throughout. Note the importance of repeating and affirming their motivation constantly, of mirroring and matching the way they are sitting and communicating, and the conversational tone of the meeting. Hope it helps you understand the power of skill and preparation in making a presentation not sound scripted.

NOTE: The listing presentation in this video is not mine, and is different than my personal listing presentation that I now teach.

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38 thoughts on “Estate Agents Tips: Kevin Ward Live Listing Presentation Role Play

  1. With that skill set, if Kevin continued to sell real estate he could take 20 listings a month all day. Hope coaching is going great, but you will always be able to crush it in sales if you go back..

  2. I don’t know why i got a little nervous for you coming down to the end lol .. but great video .. i have a listing appointment soon and i bought your book recently and practice like crazy !!

  3. Great lesson to learn from on how to handle the sellers questions how to bring it back to the topic of reality rather than make the transaction akward with a straightforward price and shock the seller great great

  4. I love when they said "they need to think about it" and you mentioned to them three things that sellers usually want to think about which is

    1. If they need to sell? (Motivation)
    2. Will you price the house at a price that will allow it to sell or are you ok with it to sit on the market again and not sell?(Price)
    3.Based on the comps that I have showed you do you feel confident that I would be the right Real Estate Agent for the job to help you get your house FOR TOP DOLLARS?

    So they will have no excuse on not signing the listing agreement with you. THE BOX IN TECHNIQUE IS A GREAT WAY TO GET A CLIENT TO SIGN THE LISTING AGREEMENT AND YOU CLOSE THE DEAL.

    Always be in control of the conversation during the listing presentations.

  5. Awesome video. Love the objection handling, especially when it came to the commissions regarding the 3.5% agents. Who is going to fight for you? A professional or someone just looking to make a quick and easy 3.5%? If they are willing to lower their commission, how quick will they be willing to lower the price of the home?

  6. WHAT?!?! Was I the only one that caught he just went through someone’s house while they waited for him??? I’d most definitely have the home owners give me a tour of the house. Not letting myself through finding everything.

  7. I feel like we are insulting the customers intelligence when we make an obvious statement and say correct or what is 2 plus 2 and they say 4. We are not dealing with babies we are dealing with people. Being condisending is not going to let people feel comfortable with the agent.

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