Estate Agents Tips: Is There TOO MUCH Competition As A Real Estate Agent in 2019?

Estate Agents Tip: Is There TOO MUCH Competition As A Real Estate Agent in 2019?

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Is it too competitive in 2019 to have success as a Real Estate Agent?

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30 thoughts on “Estate Agents Tips: Is There TOO MUCH Competition As A Real Estate Agent in 2019?

  1. I'm a newbie wholesaler. I'm also learning about apt rentals, and am planning to start RE license class within the next 2-3 months. I'm looking to work as both a realtor and investor.

  2. I’m so ready to get my license in Florida but I live in Michigan so for now it’s reading books watching videos and trying to network and shadow while I prepare for the test and this adventure. Keep up the amazing videos.

  3. Hey, im 15 years old and my family isn't the richest. I want to get into real estate but i want to know if i need to go to college to be more successful and if so what path. I just want to know what i can do right now in order to give me a big boost when i get out of high school. Thanks for your videos i am very inspired by you!!

  4. The truth is that here, in LA, there is a lot of competition. I am on the phone every morning calling expireds at 8 am using Vulcan and they’re getting bombarded with tons of phone calls from agents. I just door knock them and notice of defaults. It’s less efficient, but much higher response rate. Plus having my loan license gives me a whole different edge to gaining their business. Would love to collaborate with you and your team Bryan. Let me know if we can link up sometime. Would love to meet you all and hopefully work together.

  5. Hey Bryan! In terms of competition, can we advert our attention to technology, AI, big data, and the real estate industry. I would like your opinion on Keller Williams take on moving forward with real estate and centralizing all their agents' data in an Artificial Intelligence platform (link below). The main idea is to extract big data from prospecting, referrals, contract signing, virtually everything within the agent's scope of duties and simplify into a tool so that there is no need for realtor assistants, office admin positions, and setting reminders for tasks to be done. Essentially an AI "robot" will be able to assist with everything real estate in the form of talking to a Siri, Alexa, or a Google Home.

  6. I want a GTR in my garage. I kept telling myself that I am willing to do whatever it takes and put in the work. I finished the mandatory hours and in the process of getting my license soon.

  7. I already have my license but decided to listen anyway and I'm glad I did – Your point on how to look at "to much competition" really hit home for me. Thanks Bryan!

  8. Hey Bryan, studying through KW in La Quinta, CA to get my license. I think I may initially start up with them to get my boots wet. They keep saying they have high satisfaction and bar none best training. I have done a lot of self development that has had me travel the world a few time doing a lot of inner work. Also, I've been independent contractor the past 5 years in the fitness and transportation industries, so I understand the hustle game. Do you think their training and mentorship is enough to get me where I need to be mentally for this business?

  9. Hi, Im a Medicine student in Latinoamerica. Ive been watching ur door knocking guide bc Im planning to sell a service door to door. A glucose, blood pressure and BMI evaluation (need money for my University and projects). How would be ur approach in this situation? (Im afraid of the quick not interested).
    Anyway, thanks a lot for ur guide. I really appreciate it.

  10. Hey Bryan just got my license today!! What is one piece of advice you can give me to crush it? Before I go with a broker would you recommend assisting for an agent for a few months? Thanks Bryan loved this video. Have a great day

  11. Hey Bryan! Thanks for the video! I really enjoyed the mentality check that you provide. I am a 21 year old Haitian American living in Iowa working full time at a brewery right now. I am taking an online course to get my real estate license as I speak. I stay up late into the morning studying and wake up to do the same thing before I go to work and am fully prepared to keep the same kind of attitude and aggressiveness when I start my career. My hours at the brewery are about to become 8-5 most days of the week. I was wondering how you'd suggestion I integrate real estate into the rest of the hours of the day. Thanks, and I really appreciate the videos!

  12. How do you steer potential clients from Redfin and other technology-based real estate companies? It’s not people that I’m worried about…it’s technology that I keep my eye on.

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