Estate Agents Tips: Is eXp Realty Good For NEW Real Estate Agents?

Estate Agents Tip: Is eXp Realty Good For NEW Real Estate Agents?

is eXp Realty good for seasoned agents.. as well as new agents? Is the training and support enough? Can someone join eXp as their first brokerage and be successful? Let’s find out… – website for products and Modern Success – for those interested in joining eXp Realty

– Mike Wolf Tax Deed Property Course

– Application for eXp Realty

– Agentology ISA Service Affiliate

– Vulcan 7 Affiliate Link

– Landvoice Affiliate Link

– Agent Leads University Affiliate Link

– Constant Contact site for Database emails

– Cole Realty Resource For Phone Numbers

– Haines Directory

– Mojo Dialer

– realty Juggler CRM

– Espresso Agent Lead Service

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28 thoughts on “Estate Agents Tips: Is eXp Realty Good For NEW Real Estate Agents?

  1. so weird that after watching this video i got an email from someone from eXp asking to speak over coffee… i think ill meet them and here what they ahve to say/offer…. but i am currently with Better Homes and Gardens-Metrobrokers . Cap is lower and i pay no office fees .. :/

  2. Hey what's up brother…so I have a question…I'm in NY and taking the course. NY is a "Reciprocal State" because EXP reality is a cloud base agency would I be able to seek clients in CT as well in NY?

  3. Hey I'm trying to get started with eXp and I am having a hard time reaching someone. I used the email and a called a number on one of the sites. What would be the best way to get started? Thanks.

    Great video btw.

  4. Yet, nobody asks the main question! As a newly licensed agent in Florida, looking for a new place to start and grow my own real estate business, I am checking as much as I can the pros and cons for joining the brokerages that are recruiting (wait, aren't all of them doing that?) So, running into this latest and greatest "disruptor", i.e., eXp – naturally, I'm looking to see if it's a good fit. However, to date, I can't seem to find the answer to a question nobody seems to even ask: "How many deals have you obtained and closed strictly because of your association with eXp?" Or, for the experienced agent, the more nuanced: "has your production increased, or decreased, since switching?" Personally, I'd like to see someone like me – fresh agent, who went to join and work for like half a year under eXp (or any other brokerage for that matter), and who will answer this: "How long did it take you to get to the first deal, and how many do you have in the works?"

  5. The secret to making a decision you won't regret is listening to both sides of the argument, not to look only for the ones that sound good and encouraging. I am in the process of making the difficult decision myself, and everybody is different. But here I am, trying to find out what brokerage might be a better fit for me as a beginning agent. I liked this presentation, and the arguments presenting the advantages of eXp Realty. And, I would confess, I didn't feel like watching someone else that would show a different angle, with arguments against joining. But here it is: I personally found it very instructive, because it shows a very qualified agent, in business for years, succesful, "an influencer" – as he calls himself, yet someone who chose not to join eXp. I like that he deconstructs eXp's offering with numbers. And he presents both advantages and disadvantages on an equal footing, even though, in the end, he decided "no". The problem that I have now, I'm still torn between where to "hang" my license, having interviewed and researched a few brokerages. So I guess I'll keep looking 🙂

  6. Bryan I’ve seen you in a few videos today. It seems exp is your third company. My question is what’s your why? Like both of you I am considering coming over from KW and like both of you, I have nothing bad to say.

  7. Wait, I can hang my license with EXP right now. I just have to sign and pay 180 bucks ish BUT it's group4610 Realty EXP. Do you suggest joining EXP or group4610 Realty /EXP? Sorry if I'm being confusing. Also I noticed my team leader in the office has new agents focused on buyers.

  8. thank u so much for this video… I was really unsure where to hang my license and was a bit nervous as a new agent to join exp…..this helped a lot bryan thanks

  9. Thanks Bryan and Loida for sharing this. Looking forward to being licensed so I can have you sponsor me in. Do you know any teams in LA/OC that might be hiring soon? In the middle of my courses right now

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