Estate Agents Tips: Is A Real Estate Agent Career Stable Going into 2019 and Beyond?

Estate Agents Tip: Is A Real Estate Agent Career Stable Going into 2019 and Beyond?

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38 thoughts on “Estate Agents Tips: Is A Real Estate Agent Career Stable Going into 2019 and Beyond?

  1. What are your thoughts on the recent class action lawsuits against NAR regarding the seller paying both the buying and selling agents' commissions? If this suit were successful, do you see it impacting the industry negatively and making it harder to be an agent?

  2. I really neede this video today. I'm struggling with whether I want to continue my journey of getting my license. I am at a standstill because "they say" you don't need a license to get in the real estate game, ie: Wholesaling. What's your thoughts?

  3. Blockchain technologies will do to the Realestate industry what UBER did to the Taxi industry. The coming market crash will also take a huge number of jobs naturally.

  4. Hey! Just started playing a game called BitLife which is a very realistic life style game where you grow up. One of the aspects of the game are assets, specifically real estate. So I want to know what turner and power realtors & synergy realtors are which is mentioned? Thank you!

  5. You’re 100% correct about the point you made about claiming to have a ton of “free-time” becoming a way for others to taking advantage of your “open schedule”.

    Ive noticed this the last 2 years and you have to put your foot down.

  6. The problem with this business is its to easy to get a license. I think it should be you have to have at least a Associates Degree before you can get a license. That would weed out 50% or more that would be a good start. 2nd brokers stop letting anybody that can fog a mirror hang there license with them.

  7. Hi BC! Huge fan here, I want to shadow a top agent in the Cincinnati market. Have any recommendations or connections ? Not looking for pay but just mentorship for a while!

  8. I tell people, who are thinking of becoming an agent or are a few courses in, that as soon as I get my license I'm focusing on expired listings and I'm calling 30 people a day. I'm amazed how many people don't even know what expired listings are and they tell me they don't like talking on the phone.

  9. Totally agree. I have been a realtor for one year and have fully dedicated to it. It allowed me to quit my day job and go full time recently. I took time to educate myself and learn from successful realtors and now my clients see me as someone who is helpful. Too often though they ask “how much are you making on this deal?”

  10. You provided a statistic that shows that real estate agents are being used more now than in the past but I wish you talked more about the future for real estate agents. Sure, a higher percentage of sellers are using agents now than in the past but that doesn't guarantee that it will continue to go up like that in the future.

  11. Your energy is amazing. I'm spanish speaker, I'm improving my English skills to get into the Real Estate Industry. I know the first step is to do the course and get the license. Do you have any recommendations for me?. I will appreciate it. Thanks so much.

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