Estate Agents Tips: How To Prepare for Your FIRST CLIENT as a Real Estate Agent

Estate Agents Tip: How To Prepare for Your FIRST CLIENT as a Real Estate Agent

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How to prepare for your FIRST CLIENT as a Real Estate Agent

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19 thoughts on “Estate Agents Tips: How To Prepare for Your FIRST CLIENT as a Real Estate Agent

  1. Hey Bryan, do you coach? I am a newly licensed realtor here in Socal, I’ve been with c21 for about 3 months now but have not had much luck. I already have a coach but feel like you could help me much more

  2. This is why I watch. I figured I knew everything you were going to say but ended up learning some good tips! Im starting to document my journey because of people like you!

  3. Have my first appointment with a buyer today and they sent a message early this morning saying they aren't ready and will keep in touch, what would you say to that? I want to call back following up today to get them to actually meet.

  4. I’m in the process of obtaining a license here in Oregon. Been watching your video video ever since I started. I’m 23 and hoping people like you, videos like these, and principle brokers like mine will set a strong foundation for me to at the end of the day be a great influencer like you.
    Warm regards and to giving opportunities. 🙂

  5. BC with your buyers? do you charge a retainer fee? my brokerage are starting to push that idea..last week i went on a showings with a viewer and maybe i dint qualify him properly but i felt like he wasted my time and i am not sure if he just wanted to " hang out with me or if he was really trying to buy. he super low balled all the offers he made…he said he wanted to invest not live in the property

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