Estate Agents Tips: How to Get Your Real Estate License

Estate Agents Tip: How to Get Your Real Estate License

Do you know HOW to get your real estate license? Getting your realtor license is much easier than you think. This video will guide you through the basic steps to become licensed and to start making money fast!! – website for products and Modern Success – for those interested in joining eXp Realty

– Mike Wolf Auction Home Course

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– Constant Contact site for Database emails

– Cole Realty Resource For Phone Numbers

– Haines Directory

– Mojo Dialer

– realty Juggler CRM

– Espresso Agent Lead Service

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42 thoughts on “Estate Agents Tips: How to Get Your Real Estate License

  1. Everybody and their brother has a real estate license. Basically, you show houses for a living. You do the bitch work for lenders. You guys should team up with Primerica. lol

  2. Any young agents or in the process of getting license in LA area looking to collab or be apart of a team and grow together?! Bryan is super motivating and helpful! We will succeed!

  3. I had my 90 hours of education about a year ago and I haven't taken the test yet. I think I've waited too long. I'm going to keep studying though and attempt to pass the test.

  4. I was offered a job after The 4 to 6 week real estate school that they’re paying for . I can’t pass this up because I’m going to school for political science and after that patten law

  5. Do you have to take college courses to get a real estate license or is that old school way? I read on the CA requirements that you need real live college courses? Is this true?

  6. I have been thinking about becoming a realtor for quite a few years. I have been in Direct Sales for at least 15 years. I am currently a leasing agent at an apartment complex and residents tell me they rented because of me!! I have heard you should have at least 1 year income in savings before beginning, is this true?

  7. I’ve been kind of in the air about getting my real estate license yesterday and after watching this video you gave me so much confidence that I’m going with it full force ….thank you

  8. Hi Bryan I live in So Cal as well and am ready to take my state exam. Does the state application really take 4-8 weeks to process? Is there any way to expedite the process aside from being in the military? How long did it take to process your application?

  9. If I was interested in getting my license to sell my own home what site do you recommend? I would be willing to take an actual class as well
    Also if I sell my own home and I have my license can I sell it at top value?

  10. hey Bryan , I'm from the middle east & I would like to start working as a real estate agent in california , so is there a different process for me to get the license ? or i can go ahead with the process you mentioned in your video?

  11. i think it is so dumb how you have to be 18. i am currently 17 and wanting to start. i am extremely passionate about real estate. it is all i want to do with my life. It is all i want to do but i am restricted by age. so frustrating.

  12. I cannot find much information about what kind of proof is required once you completed the courses  I did the 2 main courses online and have a business admin degree from csusb.

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