Estate Agents Tips: How To Get Your FIRST Sale as a Real Estate Agent (First Steps)

Estate Agents Tip: How To Get Your FIRST Sale as a Real Estate Agent (First Steps)

Your first sale as a real estate agent can seem impossible and cause anxiety, fear and much more… here is a road map to help you get started. – website for products and Modern Success – for those interested in joining eXp Realty

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34 thoughts on “Estate Agents Tips: How To Get Your FIRST Sale as a Real Estate Agent (First Steps)

  1. I’m 17 and I know that this is what I want to do because the money income is limitless. Everybody tells me not to do this and that it’s to hard and I will fail. But I know I will do what ever it takes to become successful, so I’m researching and practicing now while I’m only in grade 11. Wish me luck

  2. I'm in Edmonton, AB. Just started the licensing program! Hoping to be done by end of June (at the latest). Let me know if there's anyone in my area who wants to team up 🙂

  3. Hello Everyone!
    I am a newly licensed realtor in NC and if anyone comes across this post who is willing to by, sell, or invest in real estate in this area I am more then willing to offer my services!

  4. I love your channel Bryan! I'm starting classes to get my Massachusetts real estate license, and your videos are so helpful with getting an idea of what I'll be getting into. My main concern is balancing all of the work necessary to start my Realtor career and still maintain my current living situation and bills until I can really get moving. Does anyone have any advice on how to become a successful agent while still working other jobs to pay bills in the mean time?
    I am currently self employed which is helpful because I make my own schedule so I can usually change it however I need to, but my current line of work doesn't pay very well so I will still need some income while working on real estate. Any help with figuring this out would be soooo appreciated!!

  5. Been in the medical field for 8 years and after many disappointments in my life I decided to enter the real estate career. I’m starting the school next month and I already have my office waiting for me at a brokerage company. Excited and scared at the same time but I’m willing to take the risk! Thanks so much for all your tips and advice!

  6. Thankyou for your guidance! I am an agent in Raleigh, North Carolina and I appreciate the time and advise you put into these videos.
    -Devin Sullivan
    Costello Real Estate and Investments

  7. Hey I’m Danielle from DFW area, been a realtor for about a good two months. Let me know if I can help any one from Texas or if you’re looking to relocate here PM me !

    Awesome video as well!

  8. Hey Everyone! Alex from Alexandria, VA here. I'm taking my prelicensing course right now. Ive been learning scripts and would love to start role-playing. Any Roleplay partners out there?

  9. David Nash, Naperville, IL. I have been in Real Estate less than a year and love the trainings. One thing I am struggling with is creating a schedule and role playing. I'll look up Mike Ferry and Tom Hopkins. Great video and I'm eager for more to apply.

  10. Bryan !! Thank you for the engaging and wise info. I'm a real estate agent with eXp Realty of California Inc. and I would love to connect with agents in the Napa, Sonoma, Solano counties to see how we can collaborate and reach our goals faster. My work number is 707-690-0114. Thank you

  11. Hi Bryan, I am a new estate agent in South Africa. I have sold 5 properties in 3 months now, and the first one is registering in a few days (Which will be my first pay day, R 17 000/US$ 1100). I outwork EVERYONE in my office, I want to step up into a higher price range, is it a limiting belief that for the middle price range (R 2 000 000/US$ 135 000) I will need to use a pro photographer and sell some cheap properties first, or should I go into a higher price range and as soon as more money comes in better the photos.

    Please I would appreciate the advice. I love to "just go" but I know you did say that pictures are crucial to selling your listings.

  12. Hey my name is Chertonne. I’m a new realtor with exp here in Orlando. If anyone knows anyone who is looking to sell or buy real estate here in Orlando. Please feel free to contact me 407-952-4950

  13. hi im new to the real estate sales, on my way to get my license and take the exam this tuesday, if anyone has in tips or teams in NYC please message me! thank you for your time!

  14. You know what I'm noticing about your way of speaking? The way you say "right", or "ok" after you make a statement. For some reason when you do that it just sets very well. Thanks, Bryan for the tips.

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