Estate Agents Tips: How To Get A Job As An Estate Agent

Estate Agents Tip: How To Get A Job As An Estate Agent

Graham Martin, The Recruitment Guy explains strategies and tactics for obtaining a job as an estate agent.

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22 thoughts on “Estate Agents Tips: How To Get A Job As An Estate Agent

  1. I can’t understand these people , almost in every job every employer looks for “something special” so how we suppose to show people ourselves if nobody give us chance , I can’t thing about that so stupid mind … everybody should give a chance

  2. Sir I am totally new in to it as I have carried the experience which is not relating to the real estate experience but they call me for interview of real estate broker I have some idea about it like buying or selling but real estate broker act as a Brooker or a intermediate in between of both parties

  3. I got a job with Your Move once and that fell through then I got a job with Frank Innes and that fell through too. They changed their minds after they hired me. I really wanted to do the job and I am still not an estate agent.

  4. Hi, really like your videos. Very informative ! I'm trying to promote a younger view point on things because I've never found support for me so being the voice of all in our 20's struggling! I'd really like to be YouTube friends 🙂 also if you have any good ideas let me know so I can make sure nothing is missed in my videos! Athina Morse

  5. bloody 'ell. Sounds like a Millwall calling card for a Bulldog wanting to hire a football hooligan. As a boss, if ANYONE came into my office with this Braggadocio advise, I'd tell 'em where to go. talk about re-enforcing the estate agent 'Wide-Boy' image. If they're this brash and upfront, how do you expect them to be to my clients ?

  6. not sure if you mean me personally or as an estate agent? For me…more than l need and less than l want! Estate agents earn, on average about 18k as a trainee inc. commission, senior negs between 25k and 35k, managers 30k to 80k and owners from 35k to 350k…give or take…

  7. Hi Graham, i'm not sure if i'm meant E-mail you or you will reply to this comment but a bit of a personal question, how much do you earn on average a year?

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