Estate Agents Tips: How Rental Listings Work for Real Estate Agents

Estate Agents Tip: How Rental Listings Work for Real Estate Agents

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Luna tells us how rental listings work and why it’s a good idea to look into them as a real estate agent. There are many benefits that might not be obvious. Getting paid as soon as the lease is signed is definitely a big plus!

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25 thoughts on “Estate Agents Tips: How Rental Listings Work for Real Estate Agents

  1. How do you find the leasing properties and what they pay example apartments? Do you have to call apartments and then arrange meeting with your broker?

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  3. how do you decide on the commission an agent would receive. I live in florida and have a potential client looking for renters as high as 2300$ a month. How much should I get paid? and its only me on the contract.

  4. Renters have usually already been turned down by other Realtors, so they're appreciative of the help. I only earn $200-$400, tops, but I only show them 3-4 options, so it's a quick decision. I helped a renter once, added him to my drip campaign, and heard zero from him for two years, but ultimately, when he was ready, he did buy from me, and I earned a $9000 commission (plus a thank you note and gift card from his grateful parents, which was super nice!)

  5. As a real estate agent can you advertise apartment buildings as you being the first point of contact? I live in Rancho Cucamonga CA and there's apartment buildings around the area that pay 6% Commission of the yearly lease.

  6. Just took my test today (Georgia). I have to say I owe my passing to your videos. I failed my test the first time and came across one of your videos on youtube. I was instantly hooked to your style of teaching. I have been telling all my colleagues about you. I wish nothing, but the best for you and your students. Thank you!!

  7. in Las Vegas, the most I have ever gotten was 400 and that was before the brokers cut
    The average is usually 200 before the brokers cut
    I would loveee 1000 for rental lol

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