Estate Agents Tips: How Real Estate Agents Can Get the Most Out of HomeLight

Estate Agents Tip: How Real Estate Agents Can Get the Most Out of HomeLight

Are you a top real estate agent? Use HomeLight to find new referrals and grow your business.

Check it out:

In this video, we explain how you as a real estate agent, can get the most out of HomeLight.

Here’s how our company works:

Clients come to HomeLight to find a top performing real estate agent. First, we ask them a few specific questions about what they’re looking for in an agent. Then, we use our database of 18 million transactions to generate unbiased recommendations on the perfect real estate agent suited to their specific needs.

We know the agents can meet the client’s unique needs because they’ve worked on properties like theirs, they’ve outperformed the other agents nearby, and all of their previous transactions are right there for us to see.

Next, we give the client a quick call to make sure they’re qualified. We do the best we can to ensure clients are ready and motivated to make a transaction. If they are, we let them know several agents will be reaching out. We value the client and agents’ time equally, so only 2-4 agents ever get client contact information.

It’s only at this point that we email and text you to let you know there’s a warm referral waiting.

If you’re contacted for a referral, congratulations!

This means that not only are you among the top performing agents in your market area, you are also a match for that client’s needs. You’ll receive an email with links to accept the referral.

If you accept a referral, we ask that you contact the client within 15 minutes, because they are waiting for your call.

Finally, you’ll only pay HomeLight if the client transacts with you. At that point, we have a simple 25% broker-to-broker referral fee that you will wire to us after the transaction has closed.

For more tips and information about how to grow your real estate business with HomeLight, check out the HomeLight help center:

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