Estate Agents Tips: How Much Money do Real Estate Agents Make their First Year?

Estate Agents Tip: How Much Money do Real Estate Agents Make their First Year?

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The average for a real estate agent in their first year is around $20,000. But two of my agents made over $100,000 in their first year and many agents make much more!

It is not easy to make a lot of money as an agent, and most people will not make that very much in their first year. However, most agents are not trained well and have no idea what to do. Many agents also chase the highest commission split, instead of the best training.

I wrote an article on this subject as well here:

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26 thoughts on “Estate Agents Tips: How Much Money do Real Estate Agents Make their First Year?

  1. Maybe someone can answer this. If the typical take home is 3% for an agent (before splits). Why don’t all agents move to Beverly Hills, San Francisco or Manhattan to sell $1M-$10M houses and take home $30K-$300K per transaction( before splits)? Why would you want to move to a place like South Carolina and sell houses for $80K and take home $2.4K?

    Is it hard to get into the expensive markets?
    Do you sell less houses in expensive markets, and more in cheaper markets?

  2. DO NOT DO ANY Real Estate transactions or any business deals what so ever with this crook! He puts together bogus, rip-off real estate scams and rips off everyone in his path. This guy is a snake in the grass! He will rip you off and scam you out of your money.

  3. When you're starting out as an agent keep this in mind, the house is taking 50% it's what we call a 50/50 split so if you sell a $2000,000 home and you represent the buyer at 3% it's a total of $6,000. After the split the agent takes home $3,000. If you are lucky to have the exclusive on the home and you represent both the buyer and the seller and it sells at 6% the commission is $12,000 the agent takes home $6,000. This is all before taxes, in order to make $40,000 unless you represent both the buyer and the seller it's going to take a very long time. If it's a $300,000 home at 3% it's $9,000 the agent take some 4,500. If the agent is representing both sides will be $12,000 commission the agent takes home $6,000. Keep in mind you're a 1099 independent contractor you pay your own health insurance you pay your own advertising, you pay your own gas, transportation, drinks, meals out with clients it is all tax deductible if you make money if you do not then it's not and let's not forget advertising. What's my point it's not as easy to make $40,000 As It Seems.

  4. I am seriously considering a career change to Realestate. I'm a successful small business owner for 30 years. I'm looking for a career that is better suited to me as I age. I love working and plan to as long as I'm able. I live in a rural community in Colorado that will be growing rapidly in the next few years, or decade even. There is a developer that has started the process of an enormous planned community. My question is, would it be a good move for a new agent to work with a developer, or best to work in a larger Realestate office environment? Thank you

  5. please send me a guide or any link from where i can get the knowledge about how to start real estate business, because I am interested in this work but have no idea how to start. And also what skills are required and how can I get that skills.

  6. I've been reading your book! I honestly feel like I could make $100,000+ my 1st year. I just bought the class online 2 weeks ago & about to get started to have my license.

  7. These figures that you use in this video: are these national statistics? Colorado figures? The reason I ask is because I've recently lived in San Francisco and Santa Barbara counties, two of the most expensive areas in the state. Million dollar homes are basically "average" these days. If you sold 2 homes that price range in a year, even taking into account expenses and brokerage splits, it would be fairly easy to surpass 20k, no?

  8. if you sale a very expensive house cant you make a whole lot of money off of it? if that's the case then why aren't people trying to go big and try to sale an expensive home.

  9. im planning to become a real estate agent im 18 is it worth it for me to go in at this age or to just stick to school i have saved around 12k right now but will be living with my parents, how much will the fees be. should i join a random team ? or remax or something big

  10. Mark, do you think that it is unwise to move to a completely new area with no network and become a real estate agent? My wife and I want to move to a new state and have no network there. Does this make it more difficult? I recently left the military and will have a decent amount of income coming in from post military assistance(GI BILL etc.) Thanks for the awesome videos

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