Estate Agents Tips: How much money do real estate agents make? (RANT)

Estate Agents Tip: How much money do real estate agents make? (RANT)

Are Realtors overpaid? How much money do you actually make as a Real Estate Agent?

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7 thoughts on “Estate Agents Tips: How much money do real estate agents make? (RANT)

  1. I would say that 6% isn’t just for you and your company

    You and your company gets 3% and the other 3% goes to the buyers agent.. and then you only get a % if the 3% and the rest goes to marketing the home and making sure it sells for top dollar and as fast as possible!

    Outside of that , they don’t need to know all your business lol

  2. U sound very defensive- u also dont need to tell him your biz….

    That percentage is and has been there from the get-go of your relationship as a client agent

    So that guy is a joke

  3. I want to start at 19 do you think I should go for it. Im in college right now im doing alright and not loving it.real estate has been my dream since ive been really young and I have always wanted to do it.

  4. Thank you Mariah Kristine for sharing your ideas with us.
    But Mariah Kristine i think there are many other things which depends a lot like commission which varies. i Recommend to Read This Guide to Get More Details
    Hope This will helpful. Thank You 🙂

  5. I just passed my school and state exams to become an agent. I am very excited to join this industry and find your videos not only helpful but funny as well. Thank you for taking the time to share your experiences and knowledge with us.

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