Estate Agents Tips: How Much Money Do Real Estate Agents ACTUALLY Make?

Estate Agents Tip: How Much Money Do Real Estate Agents ACTUALLY Make?

How much money do real estate agents actually make?

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In this video, real estate agent and Realtor Matt Leighton talks about how much money real estate agents ACTUALLY make. $400,000 is a common sales price in Arlington, VA and Matt breaks down an example commission (numbers used are average and may or may not be accurate for your exact market).

If you are looking for the average real estate salary or how much real estate brokers actually make in commissions. Prices used are around the industry average for homes for sale in Arlington, VA.

Here is the breakdown for how much a real estate agent would make on a $400,000 sale:

Sales price: $400,000
Buyer’s agent commission: 2.75% of the sales price
$400,000 * .0275 = $11,000

Franchising fee: 6% of gross commission
$11,000 * .94 = $10,340

Brokerage split: 30% of gross commission
$10,340 * .7 = $7,238

Team split: 15% of gross commission
$7,238 * .85 = $6,152.30

Desk fee: $450
$6,152.30 – $450 = $5,702.30

Other expenses:
— Taxes (all figures are pre-tax)
— Healthcare (your broker will not pay for your healthcare
— Errors & Omissions Insurance
— BPOL tax (Business, Professional and Occupant License)

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  1. Referral fees from relocation corporations could cut that amount in half, plus your time, gas money, lunch or dinner expenses, taxes, mls fees, office supplies, are an independent contractor.

  2. Real estate agents are a scam for the average middle class seller, “ uh here’s the kitchen, uh here’s the living room with new hardwood, uh this is the basement …” thanks mr or mrs real estate agent, I’ll gladly pay you 6% so you can name to potential buyers what room they are standing in

  3. My realtor claimed that she is working for me for free, and claimed that she legally cannot show me the inside of the house (when we were standing right front of the house for sale) without signing a contract for her to be my exclusive realtor. I just didn't feel right, that's why I am learning the insights via your videos, and subscribed!

  4. It would really suck to sell 10 houses at low purchase prices. Lol what if the whole year you were only getting paid off of houses in the low 100s. A house for 400k may take a few months to sell but you only make about 5700? You would have to juggle 3-4 houses at one time to make really good money in a quarter year

  5. So if my budget to buy a house in NJ is 100-150k (because it is possible) then there will be less interested real state happy to help me? (Meaning the commission they are getting in considerably lower). Thanks

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