Estate Agents Tips: How Much Do Real-Estate Agents Make?

Estate Agents Tip: How Much Do Real-Estate Agents Make?

The salary of real-estate agents is a common question with a complex answer. Some agents do make good money, but the income of an agent varies drastically.

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1. Agents that have been in the business for long periods of time typically get paid more
2. Like many small businesses, agents can fail to make enough income to survive.
3. Many agents claim to make quick riches but that isn’t reality

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13 thoughts on “Estate Agents Tips: How Much Do Real-Estate Agents Make?

  1. Oml I was born in Wilmington and just left to go somewhere else.Also thank you for helping me learn alot more about real estate then I ever knew.

  2. Hello Teddy,

    Good video. I liked the one about cold calling multi family owners as well. That is a topic I am extremely interested in.

    Just wanted to comment that while not common it is possible to make 100k+ in ones first year in Real Estate. I personally did 220k in gross commission in 2015 my first full year as a residential Realtor. Obviously I netted much less after paying my broker, taxes and expenses.

    And my pitiful 220k is nothing compared to some first timers. Watch this video for instance:

    How Jason Sold 100+ Homes in his 1st Year, real geeks (query that in YouTube search)

    keep up the good work 🙂

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