Estate Agents Tips: How I Got My FIRST Listing as a Real Estate Agent

Estate Agents Tip: How I Got My FIRST Listing as a Real Estate Agent

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The story of how I got my FIRST Listing… it was CRAZY!

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25 thoughts on “Estate Agents Tips: How I Got My FIRST Listing as a Real Estate Agent

  1. I haven't got my first listing yet. I'm with eXp as well, been with them for about a month now, as a brand new agent in Charlotte. I've done door knocking and everyone is always at work haha. Also I am going to get RedX for the phone numbers. Great video

  2. Hey Bryan, I've been following and enjoying your videos. I'm still trying to get my first listing and there's an expired listing that's about 5 minutes from my home. Is it best that I give him a call or visit him in person instead since he's nearby? Thought I'd try a different approach with him.

  3. I am waiting to hear back from the state so I can schedule my state test, im in california (San Diego). Does anyone know how long the wait is going to be roughly? They say 4-6 weeks but thats so long lol. I'm hungry to get out there, partner with a brokerage and start networking to sell them houses!

  4. About 5 months ago i stumbled upon your videos. Decided right to go for my real estate license and start the real estate business. Watched all your videos and few others, enrolled in school, passed my test 1st (I knew I passed) you’ve changed my mind set. I emerge as of last week a realtor – full time and confident as hell… thanks to you! You rock coach! From one former hooper to another… thanks BC! I followed all your steps … not worried about a No at all! Let’s get it!

    Chicago land area … Illinois realtor …

  5. I’m a new agent with Keller Williams in SoCal and have yet to get my first client. It is definitely difficult because like you said, I’m trying to be prepared with everything before I talk to anyone but I know I have to just jump in and take action.

  6. I am trying to hopefully soon venture out from my nursing career into a realestate agent or just investing in real state in general but I think if I Was at that point in my life for you were at your 1st sale I would have been literally Sat in my car and cried tears of joy.

  7. Currently working with my first client who is selling. I am 19 years old and I am a realtor in Charlotte North Carolina. I love this job! Follow me on Instagram @eddie.exp and I would really appreciate it. Also if you have referrals. Please give me a chance. Me and my mentor will work hard and grind to make the client happy.

  8. Great story man. My first ever listing was luckily a friend of mine but had to step outside his house because I didn't know the language of the contract and call one of my colleagues. Kind of embarrassing even though it was still with a friend. Thankfully enough he was understanding and cool about it. Got the house sold in about 12 days and he profited 15k from it.

  9. At a del taco! Amazing story… the beginning of my first buyer sale was actually recorded and uploaded it on my YT, my first video, no idea it would happen totally unknown of course… it was an open house vlog I had no idea it would turn out that way but our clients ended up buying a home just a few streets down from that OH in La Cresenta CA $935,000 home! Buyer of course and split between 2 agents

  10. Working on getting my license now in south Florida! Interested in any mentors out here in the comments or any brokerage recommendations to jumpstart my training!Thank you again!

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