Estate Agents Tips: How a Real Estate Agent Becomes an Investor // The Real Estate Blitz

Estate Agents Tip: How a Real Estate Agent Becomes an Investor // The Real Estate Blitz

⭐️ How a Real Estate Agent Becomes an Investor ⭐️
⭐️ RE Investor Basics for Real Estate Agents ⭐️

🍀 Have you been thinking about becoming an investor but not real sure where to start?
🍀 Do you want to learn how some of the most successful agents became ultra-successful investors too?

While I was at the Tom Ferry Summit I was approached by at least 10 real estate agents asking how I got into investing and wanting to learn how they can get started too. After a lot of thought and research, I’ve found there really isn’t a lot of good content out there for Real Estate Agents as to what they could or should be doing with their commissions to maximize their returns and lifestyle. So, I will be creating at least one video a week on this concept and when the Podcast kicks off we will be bringing on some of the best investors in the business to interview so you all can get some go-go juice in your system! Investing isn’t hard, it’s just a TON of information you must learn in order to not lose your butt and to really succeed.

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As always, I hope this helps!
KSA Kris

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7 thoughts on “Estate Agents Tips: How a Real Estate Agent Becomes an Investor // The Real Estate Blitz

  1. Thank you Kris for making it crystal clear. That agents can become investors, too. I thought it was impossible. But you explained in your video the pro's and con's of it. Your channel is very informative for agents/newbie investors. I've just subscribed and I'm looking forward to learning more from you. Thx! L

  2. Great info! I'm became a realtor to get unto investing but have found my brokerage kinda frowns on investing and refuses to let me use any company documents or even tel me what docs I should use. Is this common for brokerages to steer agents away from investing?

  3. Hey I know you don't like foreclosures, but I have been checking them out from the county clerks web site and I find them just too interesting to walk away from. My question is the process from finding that notice on the web site and then finding the property on let's say google earth, then abstracting the title to determine if the property is worth looking at further.Are there any secrets to at least finding the property? The county I have been searching is Bexar in S.A. Texas and the locations are listed with lot and block numbers. I have started looking at how to read platt maps and I think that is the only way to find the properties, just thought I'd ask a pro any info on this process would be greatly appreciated.

  4. Finally, someone not only answered the question but is doing something to actually help us realtors who desire to be investors without losing our license or our shirt making the wrong decisions due to lack of knowledge in investing. Thanks Kris, will definitely be in touch with you.

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