Estate Agents Tips: Homelight: Find Top Real Estate Agents Using Objective Data

Estate Agents Tip: Homelight: Find Top Real Estate Agents Using Objective Data

Compare top real estate agents across the US with

We’ve been in business for about a year and a half. The inspiration for HomeLight came a little before that when Drew Uher (CEO) was looking to buy his first home. He realized that it was really easy to find a real estate agent but it was really difficult to find a good one.

Having the right real estate agent on your team can make a huge difference in the selling or buying process. That’s what sparked the idea for

We like to view HomeLight as the world’s best search engine for top real estate agents. What makes us special is that we have an algorithm that crunches through historical sales data to figure out which agents are good in a particular neighborhood and which agents might be the best fit for a particular buyer or seller based on their specific needs.

“We had a client most recently who was about to face foreclosure on a condo in the Bay Area. They had about 10 days on the auction date and HomeLight was able to put them in touch with a short sale special. That agent was able to find a cash buyer within a few days and get the property closed to avoid foreclosure.”

From a buyer’s and seller’s perspective, we’re really the only place they can go to get this objective information. We’ve learned that from the real estate agents perspective, they’re constantly clamoring for new ways to connect with home buyers and sellers and we’re a great way to do this.

We were really proud to be a part of the Inman Incubator. Every start up needs to grow and acquire new customers. Inman Incubator is a fantastic organization that provides a ton of support.

The steps that you go through to buy and sell a home are still the same as they were in the 1970’s. We think there will be a ton of new innovation in the buying and selling process and we like to think that HomeLight is going to play a large role in that innovation.

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