Estate Agents Tips: Here's what a luxury NYC real estate agent thinks about Amazon HQ2

Estate Agents Tip: Here's what a luxury NYC real estate agent thinks about Amazon HQ2

Ryan Serhant, real estate agent and managing director at NestSeekers International, started his career in Long Island City. He is well known as one of the real estate agents on Bravo’s “Million Dollar Listings New York.” Watch what he has to say about the Amazon HQ2 situation and how his clients are being affected.

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Author: admin

43 thoughts on “Estate Agents Tips: Here's what a luxury NYC real estate agent thinks about Amazon HQ2

  1. This clown just upset because he can't charge or make double, maybe triple money on his real estate properties lol. He don't care about the NYC people nor 25k minimum wage jobs. As a Queens resident I'm glad!!! Amazon don't pay taxes lol. Come on stop the nonsense people!

  2. amazon didn't need it anyway… they did not set up anyway else… did they? real estate in nyc is crazy… I live in the poorest area in the Bronx, but a 2 bedrooms is $2000/month. 25000 jobs my foot… new people would have moved in and raised rents 100%. this guy is bragging that he sold a house for 2mil… who cares… Besides you can ride the train in queens as it is its too crowded… and it can take 1hour to drive 9mils on any day in queens… cnbc should put me on; i'll tell then the truth.

  3. Amazon, is in it for profit. Companies like Amazon don’t care about locals. Actually, these companies deplore locals in favor or highly skilled but moderately paid foreigners from India, China, etc. Locals, regardless of education level only have access to hourly wage jobs. Locals need to wake up and realize that in the eyes of global companies, locals are the enemy because, of educated to the level of the foreigners, they would petition and command higher salaries, meaning less profits for shareholders. In other words, it’s cheaper to thrive around uneducated and uninformed locals. To citizens of Long Island, you’re not missing anything and honestly, you’re lucky that Amazon pulled out at the last minute.

  4. This guy is part of the problem. AOC is correct. I guareentee you that the condos and penthouses that were being bought were not from locals. All that tax and property tax revenue would be crumbs given to the poor. The crumbs would be EBT, HUD and some cash stipend but they would all be priced out of their neighborhoods and eventually have nowhere to live because their rent would skyrocket. Those jobs would probably not be given to the locals anyway, they would be given to people out of state or out of the country. This guys missed his commission but that is all he cares about. 1 person would benefit at the cost of a whole neighborhood. He is a globalist. If Amazon or realestate was going to be offered to locals only, it would be different. This is the problem with neoliberal policies. This is how the limousine liberals keep the poor liberals in check for decades. They keep the poor dependent and then displace them through gentrification.

  5. Just my opinion- Ofcourse its a chance for him to sell absurdly high priced condos and homes, and get richerrrrr, what about the poor who are already struggling and maybe completely pushed out of their own neighborhood, these kind of real estate guys r hungry to raise prices and sell for personal profit only. That community does not need an Amazon HQ, what they need is an Amazon warehouse that can help that community directly by hiring them to work and help many poor folks who dont have much, do better, which inturn will make the entire community better. Maybe a smaller office after that but an HQ would be too big a change and impacts the poor negatively & only profits the rich and real estate people like him

  6. This Dick lives in Manhattan..Dont over here the Queens trying to fill your pockets .. leaving us to suffer. Screw you we don't need another Trump over here. In Amazon with a played fare there wouldnt have been no problems.. they need New York we don't need them they should have got no three billion dollars pay for your own damn building and help pay for the services you going to use in this neighborhood. I've been here 40 years that we don't need your ass damage they should be first of all they said they had 250000 jobs then all of a sudden it turned it to local politicians 25000.. Hows paying for this bull.. We will

  7. Rich assholes took the lose…….no one gives a fuck……and they won't even take a lose, because I'm sure they'll slither their way out of the loses with tax loop holes

  8. AOC: yay! Fuck Amazon and their fat cat jobs/billions of revenue for our city! Now let's go spend that $3 bil of tax breaks (that I think is actual $ we were physically handing over) on windmills and really fast choo choo trains

  9. Bad idea to hear things from the real estate. They only speak from their best interest. Several building LIC rent went up from $2k to $3k in one year. That was three years ago. Way worse now. LIC is already bustling without them. LIC is saved from becoming like Silicon Valley in rent crisis. Thank God for this divine homeless prevention in this area.

    Amazon should find a better place in a large open area in New Jersey near a cornfield or somewhere in Long Island.

  10. Another thing I don't like about this stupid bitch is that when he starts to say something she doesent wanna hear, it's immediate cutoff the end of his sentence, talk over him interuption time so you cant remember what he's saying. She deserves slaps.

  11. Ryan, I have a lot of respect for you but L.I.C. is pricing too many working people out of their long term home. Plus it is storm zone one which makes it a hard place to over build. The loss of Amazon is not a good thing, but those jobs can be moved upstate where people need the work. Ironically Citicorp has been there since the 80's, nobody mentioned that little fact.

  12. Sure you're talking long island city development, but, who in their right mind would want to invest there since Amazon left????? let's put the blame where it belongs, AOC the idiot Waitress.

  13. These Democrat landlords got really fucked because of AOC, they won't forget in the next election, and if they don't???????????????????????????????????????????????

  14. Why is everyone talking about future development when the world will be destroyed in 12 years and NYC will be fully underwater? What do you mean Banks are giving Billion dollar 30 year mortgages? Hmmm… So are we being told a lie about Climate change? Could Democrats be lying?

  15. Everyone saying that’s what you get for voting in Cortez don’t realize that because nobody actually voted is how she got into the office. Voter turn out is abismal in NYC and she won by a ridiculously small amount of votes. So this whole mess is on New Yorkers for not caring enough to participate in democracy

  16. Everyone complaining about AOC failing to realize Amazon paid $0 in taxes that would have gone back to the state and federal government. Not only that but rewarded with 3B in incentives. Is it a shocker amazon pulled out? No. Not at all… that’s what corporate greed is all about wake up and stop trying to divide us.

  17. Funny the governor of Texas is there offering tax incentives to Wall Street
    Businesses to move to Texas , Other
    States can smell the opportunity to
    Do a run on NY businesses

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