Estate Agents Tips: First Year Real-Estate Agent: What To Expect

Estate Agents Tip: First Year Real-Estate Agent: What To Expect

Being a first year real estate agent is exciting at first. Your first year in real-estate will probably be VERY difficult. Here is what to expect in your first year of real estate:

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The Honeymoon Phase
After you’ve got your license, your friends and family are going to congratulate you on your new “job”. Everybody is cheering for you! Your brand new co-workers will blissfully sit around in training, holding hands, and singing songs of praise to each other. And you will likely be pressured into buying a Brian Buffini class… All is OK though, because you are now a real-estate agent! Won’t be long before the commission checks start pouring in. The honeymoon phase of being a real-estate agent is the funnest, so soak it in and enjoy this brief period.

2. Reality Phase #1 – “Wait, I have to find my own clients?”

You may be sitting at your cubicle and the realization will hit you at once “Wait, how do I get clients?”. You quickly begin scouring every corner of the internet for ways on how to get clients. Every Youtube video will say the same exact thing. Call FSBOs and expireds! You’ve probably spent a month alone researching ways to get business. The next realization starts to kicks in…

3. Reality Phase #2 – “Why are there so many agents in this city?????????????”

So you’ve gotten your “sea legs”. You’re hitting the phones, networking, and selling non-stop. The next part of reality phase is realizing the competition is INSANE. You go on a FSBO appointment and figure out that the seller is interviewing 10 agents. AND (here’s the best part) all of them have more experience then you! Imagine being 26 years old and competing with agents twice your age. It’s a blood bath and it’s only going to get worse….

4. Inexperience & No Reputation Phase

After all those obstacles, you’ve finally nailed down the sales process. You can quickly generate business and get your face in front of prospects. The next phase is the LONGEST. You have no reputation and people can tell your inexperienced BUT at least your getting some business. Sellers & buyers are very hesitant to do business with you. It takes years to get a good reputation and buckle up because this one is the hardest. You will have to go the extra mile for everything just to prove you are worthy to clients.

5. Recovery mode

You may be reconsidering you’re career as an agent, but don’t worry. The worst is over. After the first year, things do get better. You will have a bit of a reputation and seller won’t be so hesitant to work with you. At this point, you also have you’re routine down so you don’t feel so “lost” all the time. Lastly, you are probably beginning to make decent income. Congratulations, you made it through your first year in real-estate!

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  1. I just graduated from high school last month and I've been interested in real estate to make it as my career I've been watching your videos for tips, confidence and what to expect, looking forward to communicate with you soon for advice and several questions I live in the same state about 2 hours away from Wilmington – I appreciate your videos

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