Estate Agents Tips: First Time Home Buyer Mistakes When Working With A Real Estate Agent

Estate Agents Tip: First Time Home Buyer Mistakes When Working With A Real Estate Agent

First Time Home Buyer Mistakes When Working With A Real Estate Agent

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First Time Home Buyer Mistakes When Working With a Real Estate Agent

1. 0:29 – Using the listing agent as your buyer’s agent
2. 3:22 – Not setting proper expectations
3. 5:43 – Backing out of 3+ more contracts
4. 7:20 – Not communicating properly
5. 9:04 – Using a friend or family member as your real estate agent.

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7 thoughts on “Estate Agents Tips: First Time Home Buyer Mistakes When Working With A Real Estate Agent

  1. This was great information! I had a great real estate agent. She got the seller to pay my closing costs, and she talked the seller down on the price of the house. Then the home came back appraised for more so that was a plus!

  2. Matt, I generally agree with most of the content with your videos and feel this is very good advice. I tend to disagree on the first point. As a buyer, I represent my own interest better than a buyer or seller agent. There is enough information out there now to determine very accurately what the fair market value is. You site the ability to save a few thousand dollars by having the seller agent represent you. This does not hold true when the property value approaches 7 digits. When I have made offers w/o a buyer agenet, I have had always asked for 3% below list. Granted when I made this offer on a townhouse listed by Washington Fine Properties in Courthouse, they refused since they already received multiple offers. Honestly, I feel that the seller agent screwed the seller since I offered 1% below list. This would have turned out to be more money if the seller agent didn't take the entire 6% commission. When I sold my previous home, I had Redfin write the contract up to allow competitive offers when the buyer is not represented by an agent. When I purchased my home in Ashton heights 2 years ago, I ended up working directly with the seller to complete the transition without any agents saving both of us money while avoiding a bidding war. Anway, I felt that I had to comment on this topic because I don't think it's fair to scare people from bypassing the buyer agent. Yes, I am aware that this doesn't work in your best interest as an agent.

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