Estate Agents Tips: EP49:How you can find potential homestead land hidden from real estate agents

Estate Agents Tip: EP49:How you can find potential homestead land hidden from real estate agents

In this video, we talk about a land search process real estate agents really don’t want you to know. It is a great way to find “hidden” land that could become your next homestead property. By using tax data that is free to the public, you can find land tracts in an area you are interested.

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43 thoughts on “Estate Agents Tips: EP49:How you can find potential homestead land hidden from real estate agents

  1. Some rich Jewish guy in Florida gets a letter from West Virginia poverty stricken hill billy who doesn't know the definition of the word home stead and wants to buy his worthless property . It's going to be a good day.

  2. County Tax Maps to find Absentee landowners to send them a handwritten letter of my POA for that land, they would be more likely to open and maybe begin a sale…. Interesting…. Wow.

  3. I did a little quick math and I would have to write out about five-thousand letters to come close to paying out as much as a small commission on a land sale. I'm in with writing to an owner. They might not be ready to sell right now, but you may have planted a seed for future land or an expansion to open up more farm land. Great video. Thanks for the advice.

  4. great advice. this is Bryan that helped you out with the gas line on the cooker this last month. I use that same type of contact to look into tapping peoples maples. Hand written letters got me a 75% response back.

  5. thank you my husband and I are really getting worried about the climate in society and political disagreements and becoming uncivilized all across the board. I live in CT which is the worst state to be in if your conservative pro life and Pro God. We are looking for undeveloped land to build a homestead without spending money that we don't have. We have a beautiful house and live in a great place very convenient and close to highways shopping centers and the schools. Which also means we are in the worst place possible for a great world wide catastrophe or nation wide uprisings. I am convinced that we have days or hours left before things really get ugly. I want to thank you for trying to help those who don't know how or where to look for cheap land and you are helping many many people weather you realize it or not God Bless you and your family.

  6. Here’s another sort of odd tip, but one that helped me buy property cheap once- scan the obituaries. So and so from another state dies but the obit is in your local paper, because that person used to live in your area, and may still own land there.
    In the case I found, his family all lived in a different state and was happy to sell to settle his estate. I bought it for half the assessment.

  7. Quick question sir. Do you have to have some sort of address before you can access any county tax map? Do I submit in the search icon of the website? By the way, thank you for this video-learned a lot off of it.

  8. This is a very good idea and yes you do have to pay for viewing the data but it is worth it if you find someone who is willing to work with you instead of a real estate agent or a bank.

  9. Very good info. I bought my first piece of property in Alaska at 22. I was ignorant and foolish. I bought it sight on seen. After I arrived I found out it was swampy and it would cost a lot of money to build a house. I would need a raised septic tank and just to get electric ity on my property would cost 15k as well as another 15k for natural gas. At this point it's just a vacation spot where I can park my camper. Always do your research.

  10. I recently came across your channel when looking for farming and homesteading videos. I'm originally from Lincoln county in the Ranger area, small world haha. Keep up the great videos.

  11. Great video. 100% agree that virtually everything you see on the MLS is priced high but.. in five minutes you can see a long list of properties that meet your criteria and are definitely interested in selling. Pull “sold”report to get an idea of how negotiable the list prices are. If you spend six months searching for an off market property any honest assessment must include your time cost (even if you enjoy the hunt) which may more than exceed a realtor’s commission. Also, If you have to find & convince someone to sell they may also ask for top dollar. I don’t think there’s any one best way to find a property but the more tools you have the better. Great video. We enjoy all of your episodes!

  12. Been driving past a local prop on way to trail for lunchtime hikes. From appearances, it meets a lot of my search criteria. I would not have decided to send them a letter of interest without this vid. Thanks! Fingers crossed, but even if it doesn't bring him to the discussion table, still worth trying again with someone else.

  13. Hello what do you think about buying farm land with an old house, split the land in 10 000m2 per lots and sell 9 out of the 10. It sounds like a really good deal to me. I just need to get permission to split the land.

  14. Red Tool House, Love your videos. binge watching last few days…can i get your thoughts on some of these outfits like instant acres that sell tracks of land and hold the paper themselves…true you are paying a much higher price per acre. but for all of us poor folks buying land with only 500.00 down and 150.00 – 200.00 per month payments seems rather attractive. i don't like having to sign a quit claim deed over to them at time of sale for them to hold against me, but i get why they would be doing it.
    Best regards Dale

  15. This is too funny. I did exactly what you tell us to do. I went to the GIS site for my county and found a random property that looked pretty good. I didn't know the size until I clicked on the property record, and found that it was 60+ acres. I looked at the owner's name, and found that it was listed as firstname lastname (Trustee), and that they lived in St. Augustine, Florida. The property is currently not listed for sale, but the trustee would accept $35k for it. Because this was a random piece of real estate I just clicked on, I wouldn't really be interested in purchasing it for myself, but I found it hilarious that it went along so well with your example.

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