Estate Agents Tips: Day In The Life | INTERVIEW FOR REAL ESTATE TEAM | Real Estate Agent #34

Estate Agents Tip: Day In The Life | INTERVIEW FOR REAL ESTATE TEAM | Real Estate Agent #34

Day In The Life of a real estate agent includes hiring for a real estate team. I’m growing my real estate team, therefore, I need to hold interviews to find the right candidates. My goal is to become the best real estate team in Dallas.

Chastin J. Miles is a licensed Texas Real Estate Agent with eXp Realty.

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39 thoughts on “Estate Agents Tips: Day In The Life | INTERVIEW FOR REAL ESTATE TEAM | Real Estate Agent #34

  1. To be completely honest I would keep looking as yes the man with the tie has potential but his conversations are all about work which is great but for example dealing with clients he wouldn’t be able to socialize with them properly like have a great connection with them like they don’t want to know how many deals he’s sold in the past few days etc and the guy in the grey sweater didn’t really have any enthusiasm in him and looked like he was just doing this for a job and they guy in red is also quite shy and doesn’t have a license for real estate but over all for your clients benefits and for yours I’d keep looking and socializing is everything when it comes to real estate

  2. “If you want to teach people a new way of thinking, don't bother trying to teach them. Instead, give them a tool, the use of which will lead to new ways of thinking.”
    ― Richard Buckminster Fuller

  3. Humility goes a long way, just because you're in a position to interview and make bossy decisions doesn't mean that you're better,or worse, than anyone you're interviewing. You seem real cocky and judgemental. Our Creator gives and can take back…stay,be, humble my friend.

  4. Hello! I’m 16 years old and next year I’m going to be a Senior in High school. I want to get a part-time job next year that would help me in the path of Real Estate. I don’t just want any job, do you possible know anything that could help me get a little push towards Real Estate. (Btw: I live in Dallas, TX)

  5. I’d go with the underdog, red sweater. He seems motivated to learn and was extremely nervous and was being more himself than the others. He didn’t sound rehearsed 🙂 can’t wait for part 2

  6. Big question- Do you have to be interviewed to be on a real estate team?

    On to the candidates- the second candidate seemed a little confused as to how a team works. He thinks that a team leader doesn't set a schedule which a team leader can if he wants to. The first candidate was funny when he said he was sick of Dallas. The third candidate would be a great intern. That's my take on the candidates and I can't wait to see the second video.

  7. Currently going through the New affiliates Course myself, I just wanted to drop a comment and say that it is dope to see a young black man actively working to build HIS OWN brand and business. I've been into entrepreneurship since a child, and seeing others work this hard is inspiring. Keep at it Boss, stay blessed

  8. Tie and vest was saying anything he felt u wanted to hear and why would he not list his license? He stupid….. Grey sweater needs to SAT DOWN SOMEWHERE and not with u. Hes too flakey. …intern dude…hire him…hes motivated, hungry and honest.

  9. Man, I thought I was bad at interviews. Lol people let nerves get the best of them. There is no reason to be nervous because they should also be there to see If the company would fit them too..

  10. The interviews all went well. I love your YouTube channel. However, they should have asked Chastin why are the positions open. This gives the interviewees the opportunity to see if the job is the right fit for them as well. Overall, I can't wait to see the conclusion.

  11. To me all 3 come off as not very confident and not very customer orientated. The guy in the vest seems like he’s just feeding you what you want to hear, and more interested in the money than actually helping people. The first thing that should be out a realtor mouth that wants to be successful is a story of why they want to do it. Most agents that say because the money don’t last long in this business. The guy in the red seemed nervous but he seems eager to learn. He seems like a project that needs to be molded but he’s not a lost soul. I think with the confidence he could be a good agent. The first guy would be a red flag he has been on 2 or 3 teams and he hasn’t gone solo yet? To me I see that as someone that doesn’t have the guts to take risk and just wants to eat off your plate. How about asking all 3 of them what can they do to help your business grow. Or better yet have all 3 door knock a FSBO and see how they react. Have them cold call before making a decision. I’m disappointed none of them brought a pen and paper to the interview.

  12. From Best to Worst:
    1st – Guy with tie. – He had HUNGER and POLISH. Polish is HARD to teach. He's gonna kill it with or without you and THAT'S who you want on your team.

    2nd – Intern in red sweater. He had DESIRE. I consider this close to hunger but not as deep of a yearning. He's in the contemplating becoming more stage.

    3rd – Guy in gray sweater. – He didn't OWN anything and his resume is as scattered as he came off during the interview.

    Best of luck Chastin!

  13. If you want someone to hit the floor running. I can't see any of them. Now as far as entry level you teaching anyone of them would do. Guy in vest seems eager to learn. Give them a week and put them each to the test.

  14. Sir, i am a civil engineer student from India and i am in 3rd year.
    But i want to join real estate industry as an agen. I will be extremely thankful if you share some ideas related to it.
    Please answer.
    I am researching on it for few months.
    So plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  15. Wooow That is just an amazing showing of the hiring process… I think the guy with the tie looks very real and honest. I can't stopt picturing myself in that room lol … Cheers to the success of the new team member!!!

  16. As far as I can see from them speaking, If you were to hire any one of these guys i feel like the pink tie guy would be the best fit. I felt like there was a passion to succeed in his voice ; which could mean great potential. Unless you wanna help out the intern applicant get his feet wet as well. #1stComment

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