Estate Agents Tips: Daily Schedule for Successful Real Estate Agents | #TomFerryShow Episode 27

Estate Agents Tip: Daily Schedule for Successful Real Estate Agents | #TomFerryShow Episode 27

When your income is based on your sales, it’s easy for you to want to focus all your time to work. You go through emotional highs and lows that can be very mentally exhausting. What if I said I have a couple tips to help you eliminate the stress, give your income a boost and have R&R time… would you take them? Here are my suggestions to work and live by design!

– Go to (2:29) to hear why it’s important to schedule everything in your calendar

– Go to (4:46) on how and when you should start your mornings

– Go to (8:06) on achieving the perfect work-life balance

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28 thoughts on “Estate Agents Tips: Daily Schedule for Successful Real Estate Agents | #TomFerryShow Episode 27

  1. I will watch every video to learn as much as possible, I haven’t seen a video that is for someone BRAND NEW, hasn’t taken test yet, do I have to find a broker first and go from there? What are a BRAND New person becoming an agent “needs to know?”. Thank you love the intensity

  2. Biggest takeaway – 1) Daily schedule for successful Real Estate agents 2) Mantra "Today is going to be the best day ever" 3) What you think about expands throughout the day 4) Design tomorrows schedule each day before going to bed 5) If it's not in your calendar it doesn't exist 6) "Do the thing, have the power" "Don't do the thing, and don't have the power" 7) Know your local market 8) Role Play 9) Call your leads, call your database, follow up, follow up, follow up. 10) Establish an end of the day cut off time.

  3. I got my license 6 years ago, already renewing it last year. I have been in outside sales for 35 years, flipped 18 properties all personal, and decided to try real estate, you know, never the bride… passed the test the first time, all set to go. Worked 3 deals my first month and only one closed. It was THE SCARIEST time of my life! Not knowing things, FEAR of making a mistakes, looking bad, just as you mentioned. I would "retreat" back to the safety of my medical sales job I knew inside and out, plus the money was steady, even though it was all commission. Listening to your FIRST video just now-10 points why agents fail- I was laughing at myself saying "yep no mentor", yep didn't know what the heck I was doing, FEAR OF EVERYTHING!! But for some reason I renewed my license and now stand at the crossroads of trying it again! I enjoyed your video and will for sure check out the rest of the ones listed. One of the most successful agents at the office I worked out told me I was a natural. I guess that's why it's still pulling at my heart strings. A motivational quote states: "You can't have the Million Dollar Dream having a 9-5 work ethic! Thank you so much!

  4. Tom I love your content and the value you provide for $0 to the community and one of these days I'll be a client of your coaching program (soon ish — I'm already in contact and preparing to pull the trigger in a month or two or three..) BUT I can't help but notice that you are using a dry-erase marker on paper. …some things, sir, cannot be forgiven. lol

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