Estate Agents Tips: Cold Calling LIVE Appointment SET

Estate Agents Tip: Cold Calling LIVE Appointment SET

Here is a LIVE cold call I recorded. I set the appointment pretty easily. This one was easier than the normal ones I get, but the appointment was still set. – website for products and Modern Success – for those interested in joining eXp Realty

– Mike Wolf Auction Home Course

– Application for eXp Realty

– Agentology ISA Service Affiliate

– Vulcan 7 Affiliate Link

– Landvoice Affiliate Link

– Agent Leads University Affiliate Link

– Constant Contact site for Database emails

– Cole Realty Resource For Phone Numbers

– Haines Directory

– Mojo Dialer

– realty Juggler CRM

– Espresso Agent Lead Service

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23 thoughts on “Estate Agents Tips: Cold Calling LIVE Appointment SET

  1. I'm trying to master this, not copy but master just the overall way of just how to flow with the kevin ward scripts. Thanks Bryan this makes it so much easier.

  2. Good job! I understand that you wanted to save the real hard-hitting facts for the follow-up meeting (comps, marketing strategy, overcoming more objections, etc.) How did you overcome all the objections, what strategies did you incorporate and did you get the listing and sell the property? A follow-up with this is necessary and would be very helpful.

  3. You're great at communication because you don't pause to go "um" or "ah". Its clear, concise and confident the entire time. Its pushing me to be the same way. I'm impressed on how you kept hitting on the pain and motivation and not just the sale of the home. The reason WHY he's selling.

  4. Hey Bryan can you show us some of the failures as well and what to do to overcome them. I notice you said in the video that sometimes you don’t get through or there is rejection. Can you show that?

  5. 2:18 we can clearly here the so called "Seller" talking from the other room . If you are trying to help people then just help in a proper way. I am sure you did get at least one positive seller just record them and upload. Or at least make it sound like a real one… X-D

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