Estate Agents Tips: Can Real Estate Agents Flip Houses

Estate Agents Tip: Can Real Estate Agents Flip Houses

Do you really need a real estate license to flip houses? What do you really need to get into the game of flipping? You’re about to find out in this video.

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5 thoughts on “Estate Agents Tips: Can Real Estate Agents Flip Houses

  1. Hey kris i tried to download your ultimate guide from your website it didnt get sent to my email and i even bought your book on audible i woud love it if i could get the guide aswell. Thanks man!

  2. hey kris 🙂 can you make a video on house investment with you, where the invester puts a downpayment on 150000 buks initialy and 50000 buks on top every year after that and how it will grow 🙂 would love to see that.
    regards jacob

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