Estate Agents Tips: Can Part-Time Real Estate Agents Be Successful?

Estate Agents Tip: Can Part-Time Real Estate Agents Be Successful?

I have much more information on being a successful part-time agent here:

Becoming a real estate agent is not easy, but the successful agents can make a lot of money. Many people want to be part-time agents because they are worried about money and if they can sell houses. I think being a part-time agent is a huge disadvantage when just starting unless you have a flexible schedule. People want to see houses all the time and it can be tough fitting in the work if you have another full-time job.

It can work being a part-time agent if you are doing it to help your own real estate investing or you have a very flexible schedule. Clients need help at all times of the day and if you can only work certain hours you are doing them a disservice.

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21 thoughts on “Estate Agents Tips: Can Part-Time Real Estate Agents Be Successful?

  1. Invest Four More Real Estate Company in Colorado is definitely a bunch of tricksters and hungry sharks. One of the worst real estate companies with a fake image made up of lies. Avoid at all cost if you read this. These comments are legitimate and positive.

  2. I am interested being part time because my current job pays well with benefits. But I need additional income. I am off every Tuesday and every other weekend. Every other weekend I work 3p-11pm. Think I can make that work? Also, I have a friend who is working on building his own team/company. He is willing to work with me. Your thoughts?

  3. I am interested in being a part-time agent because I have a rental property that I've had for 2 1/2 years that is currently at a loss. Would a team be willing to let me work part time if I am honest that I just want to be a real estate agent in order to write-off my loss and to make some extra money on the side?

  4. I work during the overnight and would prefer to do deals for myself primarily. But, i can't quit my current job until I've made money in real estate so, I need to work part-time as an agent first.

  5. I am 20 years old in my freshman year and college and if I was part time while I am in school and full time in the summer and when I graduate, will I be successful or will it take a while?

  6. I've watched quite a few of your videos now, as you seem to be a straight shooter knowledgeable in your craft. However, the thing that just struck me, looking at the comments on this video and many other of your video's comments collectively, is that you actually respond to them! This video alone has responses from you a year ago, and 1 month ago, as I type this. Perhaps it's not you personally replying (maybe you have a person for that?) it's still a small thing that makes a big impact for those paying attention…Cheers!

  7. Great Video Mark. I can shift my schedule around at my full time job (7AM-3PM) as long as I do my 8hrs I'm good. Still debating on whether to get my license and become a part time agent…I own two properties and would like to buy more but act as the buyer and real estate agent in the transaction and get some part of the commission. I have friends in their late 20s who are also looking into buying houses so I might as well get some business there.

  8. Unless you have a lot of money put aside how else would you support yourself in the very beginning as a full time agent? I'm sure it would normally take about 6 months to get started right? After a couple of sales/closed deals then it's a different story.

  9. hi Mark, thanks for the informative videos. Regarding schedules, doing another job that typically occupies evenings and some part of the weekend but with good availability to call back within those hours, can real estate work well with that? I image a 9-5 job would be worse.

  10. great videos. My wife is going full time and I would like to be part time to help her (and generate some of my own business). I am a business development executive and work from home. Demanding work but flexible. Only drawback is I travel some. I think part time makes sense for me to bolster my wife and add a bit to the pot. Thoughts?

  11. I just sold my home and my listing agent was a nightmare, I then turned around am now buying a property with a less useless but still underwhelming agent. And after visiting forums, I am convinced that the majority of agents are indeed crap- I have a sneaking suspicion part time agents are the issue… no sense of urgency whatsoever..
    I've signed up for Mark's newsletter and am seriously considering getting licensed just so I can represent myself in future dealings. Thanks for the info; I will definitely be purchasing your program and learning more from this channel.

  12. choose a good office with great support. training is very important. ask a lot of questions. working with buyers is more time consuming. budget a lot for gas. pre qualify buyers before showing homes.

  13. I'm a Part Time agent with the goal of going Fulltime. I agree with you in reference to there is more to Real Estate that require flexibility. In my situation of being part time what area should i concentrate my focus on,( Sellers or Buyers ) since im gathering my clients at this time

  14. Mark, thank you so much for this video. This is exactly what I am going to be dealing with very soon. I am studying for my real estate exam. I work for a major oil company and make over 100k a yr. but i want to do real estate. Its so hard for me to give up this job, but I know I will be much much happier switching over.

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