Estate Agents Tips: BEST ADVICE For New Real Estate Agents for 2017-2018

Estate Agents Tip: BEST ADVICE For New Real Estate Agents for 2017-2018

This is the BEST ADVICE I can give to new Real Estate Agents! The game has changed slightly, however it still has remained overall pretty much the same!


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31 thoughts on “Estate Agents Tips: BEST ADVICE For New Real Estate Agents for 2017-2018

  1. You talk about systems and feeding your database with touches, but can you go more in depth on what your categories are? What defines which category a certain lead goes into? Thanks so much for your help!

  2. @BC The information that you share is priceless, thanks for all the videos I know they take time from your very busy schedule. We need more people like you in the world that are willing to help others and not just trying to make a dollar off of everything

  3. I’d love to join you and loida. Y’all are amazing,. I reside in Hawaii though. What you said is true and that’s mainly what I am focusing on.

  4. Just bought my home study courses at 16, your words have inspired me and continue to inspire me as I see your growth. I will be a top performer as you are, and as I know many people looking through the comments are. How can I start practicing in real estate without breaking any laws, or regulations, so that I can focus on building my speech, body language, and persuasion/ sales skills which I have already read many, many books on, I need more than books at this point. What can I do to gain experience before getting my license?

  5. BC why don’t you do a lot of open houses? My goal is to do 2 open houses a month so I can do door knocking (which I know you love)… but I’m unsure if there’s a negative about open houses.

    Ps. I only do them 2-3 hrs long

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