Estate Agents Tips: Be a Million-Dollar Real Estate Agent…with 6 Techniques

Estate Agents Tip: Be a Million-Dollar Real Estate Agent…with 6 Techniques

Here are the 6 easiest, common-sense techniques to be a better Real Estate Agent – and they make a HUGE difference. Enjoy! Add me on Snapchat/Instagram: GPStephan

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Number 1: Turn on ALL the lights when showing a property. Even if it makes the home just look 1% better, it’s worth it.

Number 2: Always use professional photography. This can often get the highest ROI of anything you spend on a listing. A bad picture could deter a LOT of people from evening wanting to see a home.

Number 3: Always show up on time. As a Realtor, you should never be late. It sets a negative tone from the beginning.

Number 4: Speak with excitement about the home. Too many real estate agents just let people walk around – don’t do this. It doesn’t demonstrate any details that could often be missed.

Number 5: Always pick up your phone and return your emails ASAP. The longer you wait to return a call, the more likely the deal will fall through.

Number 6: Always be ready to write an offer. Same as above, the longer you wait, the more likely they are to lose interest and the more likely you’ll be competing with another offer.

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43 thoughts on “Estate Agents Tips: Be a Million-Dollar Real Estate Agent…with 6 Techniques

  1. Learn how to start and grow your career as a Real Estate Agent, how to best build your network of clients, expand into luxury markets, and the exact steps I’ve used to grow my business from $0 to over $120 million in sales: $50 off with code ThankYou50 for a limited time:

  2. I had a home owner call me and say "Your photos are too good. They make the house look so good and when people come look at it, they are disappointed by how it really looks" Isn't that a funny twist. As a fellow Realtor and investor, I love your videos.

  3. REA in the Caribbean, everyone wears suits to their open houses. I prefer my tailor-made white shirt with sleeves rolled up no tie.
    to me it's much more approachable. But would like to hear your thoughts on this. REA Attire

  4. Graham I usually enjoy your videos but this is pure clickbait and unfair to the watcher. What you are pointing out should be categorized more as "sales basics that all reps should do" instead of how you marketed it. You are insinuating that by turning on lights and coming on time that everyone will be a million dollar agent. That is simply not true in any way. None of these tips will make someone a million dollar agent. None of these change who the salesperson is, what they know, how effective they are, how well they negotiate, how well the home is priced, and/or how well they promoted the listing.

  5. I am really interested in real estate. I grew up without a lot of money but am good with sales. I’m nervous to get into and be like most agents and not sell many property’s a year. I’m 18 and love all your advice. Any suggestions ?

  6. Lol graham I feel you with the iPhone stuff, I see car listings and house listings all the time with shitty iPhone pictures lol, and I’m not saying you can’t take good photos on an iPhone, especially after some editing in Lightroom, but damn some of these photos look 10 years old

  7. You can take professional pictures with phones tho. You just have to know your photography. (Also quick tip, use a wider lens, it makes the home seem bigger)

  8. Hi Graham! I emailed you recently and I know you probably have a high volume of people trying to get in contact with you. After watching a few of your videos I found the answers I was looking for. Just wanted to say thank you for all of your awesome output, you're helping a lot of folks!!

  9. I've always wondered, where do you get those short clips from movies and stuff? Is there a database where you type in "excitement" and the video from Elf pops up? Or are you finding all these clips on your own?

  10. Quick question Graham do you print the offer or email it somehow… i have a touch screen laptop so i can get the signatures done easily, but for some clients hard copy is the way to go so printing an offer can become a headache…im in Toronto so rules are a bit diff i guess.

    Congratz on the 100 k !

  11. Hi, just wanted to ask you if you are familiar with Valley area like Porter Ranch gated communties.
    Prices are high and there are constructions currently going on to build new communities.
    I'm in the area trying to buy to live in gated community for security and good school.
    Do you think this will be a good investment or supply will outweigh the demand?

  12. Hey Graham,

    Im 18, soon to be 19. I've taken some classes at a community college and I cant stand it. Last semester, I got a job in retail and very quickly realized that selling/people skills are things I am very good at. I think Real Estate would be an amazing career to pursue. My question is… What should I do to start? Is the first step enrolling in the classes or looking for internships? Any advice would be amazing… Thanks!

  13. Do you photograph your own listings? In the video you said professional but considering you have started as a teen with the aquarium job been photographing I would be interested to know if you have one or two go to people for photographs or yourself. Sorry about leaving a long comment on the 100,000 subscriber video. Now that I see that it is a heavily commented video. Thanks for the six tips, you had some new ones that where not previously in other video (like the easy to do one with turning on lights). Take care.

  14. Very good tips, and as you said it's much common sense. I just read How to win friends and influence people and it is so easy but you have to remember to apply it to your life. I will definitely work on that!

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