Estate Agents Tips: A Day In The Life of a Real Estate Agent

Estate Agents Tip: A Day In The Life of a Real Estate Agent

Q&A Ep.018 “A Day In The Life of a Real Estate Agent”: In this episode Steve gives viewers a glimpse of what a day looks like for a real estate agent. Going to closings, making deals, and handling repair negotiations are just a few things that make the agent “To-Do” list. PRESS PLAY NOW. This is not an episode you’re going to want to miss Thanks for Watching!!


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25 thoughts on “Estate Agents Tips: A Day In The Life of a Real Estate Agent

  1. You didn't show me nothing at all your video explained nothing this a video about show boating a working people like you doing something you are not a good mentor you should stop STUNTING SLIM

  2. Hey Steven! Came across your video and I have always been interested in the real estate industry and thinking of changing careers into the real estate field. As someone who is also in Raleigh-Durham, what are some steps you would recommend someone wanting to get into the business?

  3. Hey just found your videos boss and I like what you’re doing. I’m a brand new agent in FL, thinking of creating a YouTube channel to document my journey. What are your thoughts?

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