Estate Agents Tips: A Day In The Life of a Real Estate Agent

Estate Agents Tip: A Day In The Life of a Real Estate Agent

Want to become a Realtor? Wonder what a typical day is for a realtor? This vlog will give you a glimpse into what we do and how we get homes sold! – website for products and Modern Success – for those interested in joining eXp Realty

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21 thoughts on “Estate Agents Tips: A Day In The Life of a Real Estate Agent

  1. Hey BC! Another great video man, it’s nice to see a success agent still hustlin. I’ve been following your channel. I just turned 18 and in the process of getting my license. I have a BIG question that I’ve been asking other successful agents. As soon as I get my license, I will make the decision of who to hang my license with. I’m going to sit down with a broker this week. It is a ReMax office. Do you have any ideas on what questions I should ask him and other potential brokers? My commission split, office dues, any other info. I’m new to this and honestly don’t know what to ask. But I want to come prepared and lead the interview. I look forward to hearing back from you. Thanks man!

    Tyler Clark
    [email protected]

  2. Im my city St Paul mn here Is news clip: 2018
    'Nearly 59,000 construction permits pulled in St. Paul during the past decade have not received a final inspection from the city, leaving it unclear whether work has been done to code, or at all.'

    Note: most realtors are not safeguarding this issue. Causeing low quality homes but get maximum $.
    unsafe wireing, fire hazards, poor energy efficiency. Basement moisture, black mold.
    Old houses should depreciate unless they are gutted out. That means every wall and wireing and dead mice removed. Then inspected per the code just like a new home.

  3. fuck real estate agents!!!!
    Areal Estate agent lives in front of of us and she reports us none stop!
    My neighbours had a job watching kids and she reported them, we fixed our own vehicle and she reported us, we park our car on the street and she reports it, we park on lower level of driveway and she reports it, we park our car on a the driveway a bit on the glass and she reported it.
    We literally find out today we are fined for parking on the grass and apparently there is a lot of pictures of our cars and property.
    The best part is everyone in the neighbourhood has at least 4 cars, this real estate bitch lives ALONE!!!!!!!! She has NO ONE and she has 1 VEHICLE. She just walks around pretending to like people and talk to them and reports everyone behind their backs!!!!
    She is literally trying her best to chase us away for YEARSSS!!! she has nothing better to fucking do

  4. For the vast majority of markets–don't worry about "clothes that set you apart." Create a business model that's innovative, new, fresh, and benefits the client. You dont need to look "money" to get and represent your clients.

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