Estate Agents Tips: 8 Things to Consider before Becoming a Real Estate Agent

Estate Agents Tip: 8 Things to Consider before Becoming a Real Estate Agent

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1. Getting Licensed, 2. Start up expenses, 3. Selecting a broker, 4. Building your online brand, 5. Learn how to use the MLS, 6. Make connections, 7. Marketing for success 8. Become a Jack of all Trades.

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22 thoughts on “Estate Agents Tips: 8 Things to Consider before Becoming a Real Estate Agent

  1. I’m 18 right now and when I graduate HS in June I’m going into the Air Force. I’m gonna be really wise with my finances. So after the 4 year enlistment I should have over $30k saved up. And I believe with tuition assistance that when I’m in the Air Force will cover the cost of the Real Estate Course. And then when I get out I can be on my feet and start real estate. And then eventually go to College for free for Business. And grow my own real estate business. Wish me luck! ❤️

  2. Great video, thanks John! How about trainings? Is that something brokerages invest in and what was your biggest struggle once breaking into the business.

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  4. Hello all! Geeze you ain't never lying about all the expenses! I live in central Texas and the thought of being a real estate agent has crossed my mind since '06.. Then the market started to crash and I went running. Lol! Fast forward to 2015 and I finally started to make my move towards becoming an agent. I took 3 classes with Central Texas College and I finshed 3 classes and a prep course exam class with Champions School of Real Estate in Austin/Round Rock Tx. August 3rd 2017 I became I licensed Texas Real Estate Agent. I knew it was going to be expensive but I just did not realize how expensive until I started interviewing with agents and brokers. Im just at a standstill now. It's pretty hard to make the transition when you're the only source of income. Thanx for sharing your info. 🙂

  5. Awesome advice John. Christopher here 1st year Realtor in Las Vegas. Love the information and I agree with 4. Build a Online Brand. I have had more success with my SOI on FB then I ever had doing Open Houses. My thinking is that people are already looking for a house and Online is where they look first. So I built my site and now its just marketing traffic to it.. By the way, I have a good buddy in San Antonio. If he decides to get his second home and do a Rental, Ill mention John Giacobbe for you. Thanks again for the insight.

  6. Could you go into detail about what fees and expenses to prepare for in that 2-3000 saved? I'm in Texas as well, Houston & considering taking classes at Champions

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