Estate Agents Tips: 6 MISTAKES Your Real Estate Agent is Making | Realtor Mistakes to Avoid

Estate Agents Tip: 6 MISTAKES Your Real Estate Agent is Making | Realtor Mistakes to Avoid

Real estate agent and Realtor Matt Leighton talks about the 6 mistakes that he sees real estate agents making in the industry.

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6 Mistakes Your Real Estate Agent is Making

0:24 – 1. Not submitting your lowball offer
2:08 – 2. Not getting enough information out of the seller before submitting an offer.
4:36 – 3. Agreeing to list your house at a price that will not sell.
6:55 – 4. Agents cutting their commission instantly.
10:03 – 5. Not properly telling the seller how to prepare the home for the market.
14:28 – 6. Not telling the truth.

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15 thoughts on “Estate Agents Tips: 6 MISTAKES Your Real Estate Agent is Making | Realtor Mistakes to Avoid

  1. As a seller in need of "upgrades" (don't know the local market like a good agent would…or should(!), but rather certain I'll need to spend some money just not sure where), would it be best to first decide on an agent (after interviewing three), develop a plan w/said agent and THEN and only then start spending the money hopefully to get some of it back at closing? Also, do agents typically offer referrals/suggestions on who to contact to get the work done or is that a big no-no in the real estate selling biz? TIA!

  2. Why is it every time a real estate agent shows me a house they don't no anymore about the house than I do? Sometimes I know more than them. If I tell them I am not interested in a home with baseboard heating, the inevitably show me a house with baseboard heating. When I confront them about it, I just get the old, "hey first time I've been here too". Even at open houses most listing agents can't tell you when the roof or HVAC was last replaced but by god they're going to point out the new granite countertop. Imagine if you went to buy a car and you ask the salesman about the engine in the car and he just keeps pointing out the beautiful Midnight Blue paint job. WTF!

  3. You’re right my agent did all things you already discuss but I didn’t saw your video before I buy my first house now I realize why thanks for for video

  4. Nr. 2 make up your mind are you working for a buyer or a seller? Listing agent can not legally disclose the sellers motivation to move unless they have that in writing from the seller. If they do disclose as you said "this will help the buyer formulate their LOW BALL offer", so again this would be hurting the seller. I think more important than sending in a ridiculous low ball offer is to educate your buyer on reality of the market, at the time they are making the purchase. You seem to be dancing in this video as the "wind blows" Good number of views but come on man you would never negotiate like that with buyer's or seller's agent because of your fiduciary duties to your own client and vice versa.

  5. I completely agree with the 1st mistake. offensive to who? who cares…Submit the offer! i submitted 30 low ball offers at once on my last property search. 18 no response, 5 hell no's!, 4 counter offers and 3 accepted and we chose 1 and I got what I was looking for. can't be shy. gotta go for it.

  6. Matt where in the world were you !when I was buying and selling my homes ? I bought and sold but knew NOTHING about what I was doing and I was my agents first customer! What a mess – I ended up in my car for 31 days because the day the seller was to sign papers they found liens and he could not sale . Then I bought a home that had HOA hidden depth: I ended up paying every month along with rising HOA fees , now a year later I’m in a middle town home I call “a torture chamber “ : sharing walls with two people is so torturous especially when they don’t care and things got worst after I talked to the neighbors: I want out so bad !! Do I have wait 2-5 years ? Plus the market is raising so quick out of my reach
    Damn I wish you were my agent and loan officer
    You have been given such a gift !

  7. Hi Matt, i'm thinking of moving to Arlington. I go there every now and then i live 30 min south of Harrisonburg Va. What would be the first great step to make NOW for moving in the next 2 years? would LOVE to buy but prefer to rent. since we'd be brand new to the area.

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