Estate Agents Tips: 3 Things EVERY Real Estate Agent MUST DO To Sell More in 2019

Estate Agents Tip: 3 Things EVERY Real Estate Agent MUST DO To Sell More in 2019

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40 thoughts on “Estate Agents Tips: 3 Things EVERY Real Estate Agent MUST DO To Sell More in 2019

  1. I have been working with a marketer for about 4 months now, i was recommended by a friend who is also in real estate, i was hesitant at first because i get so many messages from “social media marketer’s” asking for a meeting to work with me but i didn't want to work with anyone who doesn't provide evidence of their results.

    However, the marketer i worked with was amazing. On the 2nd month she helped me sell 3 homes and the return on investment was amazing. Since working with her i have made $84,000. I have been referring her to my friends who work in other cities as i don't want anyone in my city working with her. lol

    So if anyone is deciding to work with one of these marketer’s i highly recommend the woman i’m working with. I will put it in the reply section of this comment as i don't remember her contact information and her name is Anais Reynolds.

  2. great background – thanks for your advice… I'm launching my real estate youtube channel today I hope I have success, I give you a lot of credit this is tough

  3. The green screen is okay, this is much better though. Keep Up the Great Work. From your objection handling videos alone I have boosted my Confidence on the phone 10x I am starting to see real results of the teaching videos you put up. I bought the Millionaire Real Estate Agent per your recommendation, and have also started keeping a journal, Just a quick page in a spiral notebook when I wake up and if something significant happens business wise throughout the day I may write about it at night too. Thank You So Much BC!!!!

  4. As always great video BC that back ground is better for sure. Any one looking for another channel I’m 1yr and half in my real estate Career and I been marking videos from the beginning. Come check me out!

  5. Forget the green screen, the indoor background looks good (maybe go dark green or dark navy on that back wall for more contrast so you’ll pop more?) — but my favorite is when you were outside in the tailored suits and shades like in your earlier vids – they had a campaign-like feel that made you seem like a true “‘man of the people.”

  6. Great video! I'm from Colorado and have had a very difficult start in my career. It is my own fault, I just need to find more motivation and accountability. Thank you for all the videos Bryan. Also, I prefer this background as opposed to the green screen.

  7. Hey Bryan, great video once again. I am young and have plans on moving out in the next year as real estate becomes my profession, and I wanted your opinion on this subject. I’ve seen people note it in the comments by saying “I’m getting my licence and moving to _ next ___.” I wanted to ask you, does geographical location effect how successful your RE career is and if you don’t live in a huge city, what are things that you would ideally want to live closer to, new development? Largest concentration of neighborhoods? Closest to most expensive neighborhoods? Between them all? If you had no choice but to go, what would be your considerations when moving with intentions of being an agent. Thanks for always sharing your thoughts so openly with us. -Taen

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