Estate Agents Tips: 3 Success Tips For BRAND New Real Estate Agents | Q&A

Estate Agents Tip: 3 Success Tips For BRAND New Real Estate Agents | Q&A

Three success tips for brand new Real Estate Agents! In this video I am doing a Q&A + having a chit chat about managing time and planners, open house tips, and how to successfully market to home buyers online. *If your new to my channel, welcome! I upload new videos every week mainly sharing what it is actually like being a Real Estate Agent and video blog about the things that we do on the day to day. My hope for my videos is to in some way give you inspiration for both your life and your home!* Vlogging as I learn! ❤️

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7 thoughts on “Estate Agents Tips: 3 Success Tips For BRAND New Real Estate Agents | Q&A

  1. Yay I'm from Maryland! but I now live in the Los Angeles area and work for Berkshire Hathaway in the South Bay Area, I drive Uber outside of my RE to add contacts to my list and it has helped. Even if they are outside of my farming area. I got 5 potential clients this week, one guy wants me to sell his $6 million dollar house in the Valley 🙂 another wants to buy a $5 Million dollar house in one of the gated communities in Calabasas which is where a lot of celeb have moved to including the Kardashians. Then I got a lady who lives in Dallas TX but her husband works a lot in CA so they decided to move to Hermosa Beach near me so she's gonna look at places between 700k-1.5M when she is here in a few weeks to visit again.

  2. Hey Mariah! I have researched so many videos and I enjoy your personality and info the most!!! Thanks!!

    I am going to be attending real estate school soon and I have a ton of questions but I was really curious about once you get into the office how that is? Are you just on your own straight out of school… does the office work together? did you have any training once you got there? any info you have would be helpful I just want to know as much as I can!

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